Can you become an elite runner at any age?

At age 23, is it too late to start? What factors should be considered? What does it take to be good?


My knee feels weak when i run. people have told me running's bad for your joints and im afraid i have weak...

It's not too late to start, in fact it could work to your advantage. Most females don't reach their peak performance until they reach there upper twenties, what type of racing were you interested in?

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long distance runners tend to peak later than sprinters, with marathoners peaking as late as their 30's. after that, its not as easy.

so you could definitely go on to become an elite long distance runner, even starting at 23. some things to consider: do you enjoy running? could you stand putting in at least 2-4 hours EVERY DAY running just to get to that level? it takes a lot of determination and drive, and a bit of inborn ability.

I enjoy running, but I could never see myself putting in that much time just to get to "elite" level. I have far too many other things I like to do. But for some people, it really suits them.

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There's a saying that elite runners are born, not made. Elite distance runners have physiological traits that make them faster than the rest of us and account for the difference between Olympic champions and the masses of fitness and recreational runners.

Researchers suggest elite distance runners share three inborn, physiological traits that
separate them from fitness and recreational runners:
1. A high VO2 MAX capability.
2. Great efficiency of movement.
3. The ability to run long distances at their anaerobic threshold

Consistent running and hard work allows runners of all ages and ability levels to improve. Motivation also makes a difference. But, unless heredity has dealt you some
physiological trump cards, it is a long, if not impossible, road to the top.

Sprint group?

no i would not say that it was to late. i read running magazine that said there was a man that was 85 and he ran in super marathons (50 or 100 mile races)

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What is your background and what type of running are you asking about? What is your ability now? Realistically very few people become elite runners, because there are very few elite anythings. What it takes is hard work, and the ability or talent. Many people try to be elite at many things, but most can not. If you are talented and have a background in running then you could have the potential to be good. If you do not have a background in running, then probably not.

Am I a good runner?

You can if you are really good like running a 5k under 18:35 ! I guess but you have to be really good. It depends. Join my Yahoo group. It is about runnin!

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I run in a league for jr. high, im distance, and there are some really fast guys that are only 13-14. I normally get 5th to 6th place in the mile and my times are about 5:52 to 5:56. The winner normally gets about 5-10 seconds ahead of me (even though im going for the win next meet). So anyway it doesnt matter how young or old you are aslong as your devoted to rigourous training. I just try to think about the long run when im feeling the pain. Just remember something that I made up... Run. Die. Come Back. Go Again.
Happy Running

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