What is the college competition qualifiing time for the 200mts race?

... or high school, or a good average time for 200mts


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A good collegiate time is sub 21. The regional qualifing mark for the 200 in college is 21.19 sec which is set by the 100th best time from the previous year. A good high school time is any thing from around 21.4-21.9 as I personally watch one of my friends run a 20.3 in high school. An average time for a male above the age of 12 is around mid 22.

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If you want to be competitive for college you need to run 20-21 seconds, in high school 21-24, and a good average time would be like 25-35 seconds.

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i agree with the guy b/f me, that collegiate times should be deff be sub 22. but 20-21 is really good. for high school to be competitive you need to run sub 23 (at least in my league where guys run 22's. average times would be around 24-25, which i ran in indoor and i guess im average.

Who here agrees..?

you i'll have to have a 5.9 at least to get in

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