Bicep muscles bringing me down..?

when i run track my bicep muscles feel like they become heavy and they bring me down. am i doing something wrong or what?should i stop weightlifting?


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Probaly has to do with your technique, too much up swing and minimal back swing(triceps) Do you also find that your shoulders/neck gets sore too? Would mean again too much up swing, not realxed, but tight and clenching your teeth and have Frankenstein neck and temples.

In your acceleration phase make sure your:
Face and neck muscles are relaxed (no tension)
Shoulders held straight and relaxed,
Arms move with a smooth forward backward action - not across the body - drive back with elbows - hands move from approx. shoulder height to hips
Elbows maintained at 90 degrees (angle between upper and lower arm)
Hands Relaxed - fingers loosely curled - thumb uppermost

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Biceps have a minimal part in running if you are doing a lot of bicep curls stop doing them instead do compound exercises such as Bench Press, Military Press, Pull Downs and Cable Rows they will help your running much more.

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The only thing that i can think of is that maybe your swinging your arms to much and your working them to hard when you run, when your running make it all a smooth movement focus all ur muscle work on your legs and mid section. Maybe take a protien bar before you run or a protien shake.

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