Are most tracks that go around football fields, usually 1/4 mile?


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Most schools and park departments construct tracks with the intention of using them for competitions, and it is almost impossible to host any type of track competition unless the track is a standard distance and oval. As a result, the "so called" quarter mile oval outdoor track around the football field is standard.

I say "so called" because around 1980 the track rules changed. Competition distances went from being measured in yards and miles to meters. The traditional 440 yard, quarter mile track now became the 400 meter track, and the 1600 meters is referred to as the metric mile. But the distances are not the same; the 440 yard quarter mile track is slightly longer.

In high school in the early/mid 80's, one of my conference schools had one of the first all-weather high school tracks built in the late 70's. It was built as a 440 yard quarter mile track. They had to restripe it for meters - and Lane 1 had a stagger. (Of course, another conference school had a square cinder track, and nothing longer than the 200 was run in lanes - but that's another story).

If the track is all-weather, it is probably a 400 meter track. If it is still cinders, chances are that it is (or at least originally was) a 440 yard track.

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4 laps equals 1 mile so do the math

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yes dimwit

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yes they are. every track that i've seen around a football field has been 1/4 of a mile

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Depends on the age of the track. Older tracks are 440 yards, newer tracks are 400 meters. The 400 meter track is about 2 1/2 yards shorter than 1/4 mile.

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Most are. However, some are layed out metrically. Depends on whether you plan to hold meets in yard or meter increments. A quarter mile is 440 yards so two laps are 880 which is a standard distance race in the U.S. However most international races run 800 meters rather than 880 yards.

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No, they're 400 meters. That's a few yards short of 1/4 of a mile. Most high schools run a 1600 meter race in track instead of a mile. 1609.344 meters in a mile. Divide by 4

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