Any tips to decrease time in mile and other distance?

Question:im in sixth grade and i run a 6:28 mile
im trying to decrrease it
any tips?


Track Question?

Try to run 30-35 miles every week, at least 4 miles per day. Always focus on running form: Keep your arms at a 90 degree angle, and your fists should move from hip to pectoral when running. Try to keep your arms parallel to each other. Stay loose, don't tighten your legs. Try to "rake" the track with your feet, and remember to push - never pull. Pulling yourself makes you drastically slower. When running, lift your leg over your other knee. Breath in through your nose, and out of your mouth. If it helps, make a nickel shaped hole with your lips when breathing out.

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Practice, practice, practice. And push yourself

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Don't Think about running think about your favorite songs and sing them while you are running and keep your mind off of it...also you can start out slow then speed up near the end believe me it works.Also Practice as much as u can!!


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you could try running just long distaces, sprinting, then walking then sprinting again until you can sprint the whole distance of your walk.

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If you want to decrease your time,you can try to eat healthy foods ,eat less junk foods.
And always try to run with the person who is faster than you, and try to keep up a little by little.
Are you tall? MOstly tall people can run faster!
Are you male? Well, for you 6th grade that time is not bad already! Do you like running?!

How can I get my mile run faster I can run about 7 min. but I want to get it to about 5.30?

Wow! A 6:28 mile in sixth grade is incredible!! I think you should practice a few sprints (6x100m) to help your sprint at the end of the mile. Run backwards for 800m and try to beat your mile time and vice versa.Try doing leg workouts to strengthen your legs and stomach workouts (situps) to work on your stomach, because you use your stomach in sprinting. Try running and timing yourself on the mile everyday. I'm sure practice will make you faster. Keep up the good work, you should be running under 5 minutes when you reach high school! Good luck!

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Stay focused on your goal. Practice, definitely, but try longer distances too. Once you run three-four miles or run for 60 minutes straight, one mile becomes a lot easier, so when you go out there and run your mile, you know what your capable of. (If you're not used to running that much, start out with shorter distances and then increase.) A lot of running has to do with mentality, so make sure to keep positive thoughts. It REALLY helps.

Is a 5:07 mile good for my first track meet??

That's a great mile time for your age! One of the things that I like best about running is that you can improve with gradually over time with...more running. Distance, speedwork, and hills will make you stronger and faster. Don't try to fit all of these workouts into one week, rather try them a little bit over time. Summer time is a great opportunity to run a few workouts each week to get better. If you try to do too much while your body is still growing, you can risk some serious be patient with gradual progress. Check out the links below for more tips & guidance.

- Mike

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practice, good nutrition, practice

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Eat healthy, train consistantly everyday(except sunday) and do lots of at home workouts(lunges, crunches, pushups, etc.)

You can easily get down to below 6 if you work hard, and enjoy running.

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have one of the scorekeeper people cheat for u.. then u wont have to work out or try hard

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