Why is running fun?

I was on a 3 mile run today around the track and there was no one around. I started thinking, why is running fun? Some people hate it, but many love it! I agree it is challenging, but I think of myself, running in circles (literally). It doesn't sound very much fun to a non-runner. You sweat, you breathe heavy, you hurt sometimes, it looks really monotonous...so my question is (and yes, I find running very enjoyable) why?!


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I like running too. I think its because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and it gives you time to enjoy nature and whatever music you're listening to.

Relief for painful shin splintz??

well some people just like the chalange and theres something called a runners high, when ur body releases chemicals under the stress of running that can lead to a more enjoyable experiance, but for me id much rather drive somewhere than run lol

What motivates you to keep running?

i think when u are angry, u can clam by running. i always do that. running is sort of a excercise so it is quick fun. u can run very fast and enjoy the breeze and wind going against u and it is very cooling. After u run, u will feel refreshed. it is fun.. many love..<i agree wif wat u say. It's cool.


Why is running fun? Hard to say, but being a jogger for almost 30 years, there must be somethng to it.
I love it as there is nothing that beats putting on a pair of running shoes, stepping out the door in any weather (yeah, the rain does get to me, but then I think the rain is washing away my problems), and plugging down the road for 5-6 miles (8-10K for you metric fans). And when I am done, my stress levels are way down, I feel energized, and to think it only cost me about 30-45 minutes of time.
I use it to help deal with my stress as mention. Plus I enjoy being alone for that brief time. (My job sees people in front of me just about any time I turn around.) It really helps to clear my mind and realize what the important things in life are.
Also, when you think about sports that require some sort of playing area (like basketball, golf, tennis, etc), kinda hard to find those when on a business trip (especially to remote and/or undeveloped areas). But here are always roads and trails.
I remember back in my junior high school and high school days, the jerk American-football coaches made us run as punishment. I enjoyed running as it seemed I was always way out in front. Granted, the ape-football players mauled me in practice, but I wised up, went to try cross-country and distance running, and have never ever once looked back.
Running is a great sport. A wonderful way to connect with your inner being and with nature.
How many of you seen the movie "Forrest Gump"? You remember the scene wher Forrest wakes Jenny up (she is dying of AIDS) and she asks Forrest if he was sacred in Vietnam. He proceeded to tell Jenny all the things, especially when running. That is about as close as it gets when explaining the beauty of the sport called running..

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A big part of why running is fun for me is because II run with a friend and we talk according to our "runner's code." This means that what we say running is not repeated again... We run for an hour, from 6am, 4-5 times a week. Oh yeah, and running regularly also means that I can fit into size 10 clothes, and that makes shopping a lot more fun!

What do you think??

its fun because you can run with your friends and you can burn a lot of calories and lso you lose weight

My recovery after I run is nearly 30 minutes?

because you get high!

Why is warming up for cross-country races so important?

the people on my xc/track team make running super enjoyable=]

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because exercise creates endorphins

endorphins make you happy

and happy people just don't shoot their husbands

(that is actually true)

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it normally depends on whether you're good at it. my friend and i train 3 time a week, and absolutely love it!

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I have a old Nike ad on my fridge, it reads "Basketball looks fun, soccer looks fun, nobody ever says running looks fun..imagine that!"

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It's an individual sport for a lot of people. You get out of it what you put into it. It is also like a drug and often makes you feel good both during and after. Some people also thrive on the competitive aspect with themselves or other runners.

Getting gains on hard running days?

running is NOT fun.

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