Breathing by mouth/nose when running?

does it make any difference if u breathe by your mouth or nose when u are running long distances? will it make it less tiring or worse if u breathe by your nose/mouth?


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Yes, it does make a difference.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This causes your body to get the most from the oxygen you are inhaling through a smaller opening (Causing your lungs to expand at a slower rate, and since you're breathing deeper, you're causing them to stretch which will lead to greater lung capacity), and exhaling through your mouth will get rid of the most carbon dioxcide possible without expelling any vital oxygen.

When you stop running/jogging/whatever, do NOT immediately stop. Your blood is still surging. You can cause serious damage to your knees over a short time if you just stop moving immediately.

What you need to do is raise your arms over your head, cross them, and grab each elbow (Or as far as you can reach) with the opposite hand. Meaning, you cross your arms so your left hand is touching on or near your right elbow, and your right is touching on or near your left elbow.

You need to walk. It doesn't matter how fast or slow, a casual walking pace is perfect. Do this, taking long, deep breaths through your nose, holding it for a second or two, and slowly exhaling through your mouth. Do this until your heart rate slows back down to near normal.

When this is done, you can stop walking and take a break.

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yes, it is so effective when you are so tired when you breath in your mouth.

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in to the nose to the and out to the mouth because the hair in your nose help you breath clean air.

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I find that rather than concentrating on what your breathing with (though they say in through nose out through mouth is the best as you get more damp oxygenated air through your nose and expell more carbon dioxide through your mouth.) You should concentrate on breathing out, your body needs oxygen to function and you will inhale on reflex however as you get tired you start to concentrate on taking more air in without first making room for it this slowly suffocates you, to test this breathe in as much as you can breathe out short then breathe in as much as you can, keep diong this and see how quickly you run out of breathe.

So concentrate on emptying your lungs everytime that you exhale and keep the breaths steady. You should be able to go further and finish stronger this way.

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You want to breathe through your mouth. basically here's the breakdown of oxygen and how the body uses it;

50% of the oxygen that enters the body is absorbed for the vital organs i.e. heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.

30% of the oxygen is used for the brain.

20% of the oxygen is used for non vitals i.e. arms and legs.

The more oxygen your body is able to consume the better your body will be able to put it to better use. You take in more oxygen through the mouth than the nose.

So in effect, if you breathe through your nose you will tire out more quickly then if you breathe through your mouth.

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Breath naturally. If I get uncomfortable or cramps, I breath in through my nose & mouth and out through my mouth. I try to get a song in my head to "breath" to or else get a cadence in my head 1-2-3 & 1...1-2-3 & 1...etc...(see link below).

- Mike

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Breathe in through your nose and out with your mouth

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Personally, I do better breathing through my nose until I start breathing hard enough to have to breathe through my mouth. Thats because my throat and lungs really start to burn after a while of rapidly breathing through my mouth, so if I breath through my nose at first then it will take longer for my throat to start burning.

You won't get dry mouth as quick either if you start out breathing through your nose. Some of my friends say they can't do this, I can, but I would recommend breathing through your mouth and nose at the same time. You can breath a lot faster like that.

You should try that stuff out and see if it works for you.

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when running long distant.. u need to control your breathing.. U need to breath calmly. it is better to breath through your nose first, it is only when you cannot cope than breath through your mouth. My reasons - breathing through mouth will result in dry throat, swallowing water and quenching your thirst will affect you running ability.. (i alway feel that when my throat is dry, i need to drink. It is not good feeling if there are more distant to cover).
i have been using this method on myself- Try this - focal on your the breathing, count no of cycle eg 1 ~ 10 cycle and repeat again, keep your mind off that you are running (keeping your mind off running does not mean not looking where you are going).. it is a way to hipmotizing yourself so you can cover the most distance without even knowing.. try and let me know the results...

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Yes, it does make different !
The right way you should breathe with your nose and go out the air by your mouth!
If you breathe with your nose and go out the air with you nose too, some people will get the light head!
If you breath with you mouth and go out the air with you mouth too , some people will hurt and the side of the stomach! And also you will breathe so much dirt into your body!
And it also depend on which way is better for you, which will make you run faster!

For my self, I use to brethe with my nose and go out the air with my nose, sometimes I get like head then I will brethe with nose and go out air with my mouth. If I run really fast speed, I will " TRY" to breath with nose and go out air with mouth, but because running a fast speed is really hard, so I mostly breathe with my mouth and go out air with my mouth!

so now you know , see which way is the best for you!

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