100m dash, tips on blocks?


I need songs for a track and field DVD... Any suggestions??

If your right leg is your best leg then it should be in the rear, because you want to take your first step with your best leg. A good ballpark measurement is to have your front foot about two of your feet lengths from the starting line, and the rear foot another of your foot length from the front foot. That should put you in a comfortable position, but you can adjust for your feel. Now make certain that your feet are straight up and down not at an angle, that means your ankles are above your toes left to right not front to back, because the foot pads are at an angle and not verticle. Keep your knees and legs in line so you are not out of line. Your shoulders should be square to the line and your back in a line to the direction you are running. Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Get up on your thumbs and index and middle finger just off of the line. Roll up and forward so that in the set position your shoulders are over your hands and about 70-80% of your weight is on your hands. Let your head hang down.When you go to the set position take a deep breath and hold it until you start. When you are in the set position keep your back straight not bent with your rear end higher than your shoulders. When the gun is fired push off of both feet, your front knee is about 90 degrees and your rear knee is about 150-170 degrees, so the rear foot comes off of the foot pad first and take a big step so that the first step is past the starting line. I tell the kids to only think of one thing that causes them to initiate their start, and for me it is to throw their hands, the left one up above your head and the right one back. Do not look up but stay down driving your arms and knees. It should take 8 to 10 strides to transition into an upright position. You can practice starts and coming out about 40 meters.

What kind of shoes?

If your right leg is stronger it goes in the back in the blocks, you need good push out of the blocks and since it's the strongst leg that 's where it should go. Always measure wioth your foot, as blocks are different, hole position may be different from track to track/meet to meet, your feet will always be the same even if they grow.
I used to measure mine like this and tell my kids now to measure like this. To the front of the entire block measure half foot step(middle of foot to toe), to the front block 1 foot step, to the back block 2 and a half footstep.

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