5 min mile!?

hey im trying to get my time from a 6:00 to a 5:00 in a year i am willing to do any thing can any one hook me up with some training i can do and some stuff that will help me get there faster or just in a yr. any help will be great thanks


How can I get my mile run faster? I can run it in about 7min. but I want to get it to about 5.30 Help?

What you are doing now is running each lap in 1:30 and you need to run each lap in 1:15, so you need to take off :15 seconds each lap. You should do some mileage, say about 3 miles 4 days a week. Then do some intervals 2 days a week, take off one day a week. In your intervals you need to run different things as close to your projected race pace as possible. Try doing 5x400 in 1:15 with 2 minute rests. If you can do that then try with only 1 minute rest. One day do 3x800 in 2:30 with 3 minute rest. Every 2 weeks do a time trial where you run 3 laps and see if you can do it in your race pace. Remember you are trying to do these times, and if you can not then just run what you can run because you are trying to reach this goal and you may have to work your way down to the target times.

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i think it would probably help if you just kept on doing it. i know i had to go from a 9:45 to under 9 and i just kept on doing it every single day and after three days i got under. i know i know im realllllly slow! but good luck! repition helps a lot! and maybe even just sprints!


do speed workouts 3 times a week
and long distance/recovery runs 2 times a week
keep pushing yourself in all speed workouts

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hmmm...well this sounds like a goal. And goals require sacrafice... 5 minutes is a pretty good mile time. There's 2 things that you can do.
1) Run 3 miles twice a week. During that 3 mile run, you need to SPRINT 30 seconds, then JOG 1 minute. Keep that up, sprint/jog, sprint/jog for an entire 3 miles twice a week for a few weeks. That builds endurance. It teaches your body that when you start getting tired, to start sprinting, which is what you do in these 3 miles runs. But you have to run at least 3 miles when doing this, because 1 mile is NOT enough. These are called FARTLICKS
2)I would suggest doing this 3x a week when you are not doing fartlicks. Run at a 400 meter track. Run the entire track 10 times. Every time, run it in one minute, 15 seconds (1:15) are close to it. Don't go much faster and DON'T go any slower. Take about 1 minute break in between each one, and IF that is not enough time take no more than a minute and a half break in between each one. This will get your body used to the lap time required for a 5 minute mile. (a 1:15 pace for a 400 is exactly 5:00).
After a few days of this, lower your times down to 1:14, then 1:13, then down as low as you can make it. The lower you get these times down, the faster your time will be.
Good luck, and really, its not as hard as it seems. Just remember to PRACTICE and don't cheat yourself by practicing easy!

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Plyometrics. Use certain drills such as powers skips and straight leg bounds. This works most effectively when you squat twice your bodyweight, but that isn't necessary. Other than that, make sure you are mentally prepared for the race.

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run faster. ignore pain.

... your body will do whatever it is you want it to do, but if you give up and allow pain to win you'll never see that 5 minute mark.

i'd bet if you were to go out tomorrow or the next day well prepared and stretched ... with the proper amount of energy and focus, you could shave 30 to 45 seconds off your time simply by ignoring pain.

yes you may vomit. oh well. keep your nose to the grindstone. learn to love pain.

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