Are you addicted to running? if yes how would you describe your love affair with it?

I get high after a 4 mile run (3 times a week)


Does sucking a sweet/candy help while running?

Yes, I started running in elementary school, and I never quit. Pushing my mind and body to the max is like the movie "Seabiscuit" where my mind is the jockey and my body is the horse. When I compete in a 5K, I save a little for the last half-mile, then I tell my body, "OK, that's it, you've got it, let's go!!" and I stride out and burn the rest of the way to the finish line. As I stagger around, totally out of breath, my mind and body melt back together and look forward to the next race. Yeah, I'm addicted.

Novice running a half marathon?

OMG - yes! It is definitely a high and I soo miss that high if I miss my run.

Is 15-16 seconds for the 100 meter dash a bad time for an 8th grade girl?

I wouldnt say I am addicted to it, but I deffinately like doing it. I like the idea of going so fast and the whole thing really clears my mind. thats probally my favorite part.

Running. Nike Air Max 360 or Nike Free 5.0 v2?

First off its very sexy. And thats all I can say..

How to find a jogging mate in downtown saint louis?

Yes, im so addicted to running

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