Any advice on how to run a 5k? This is my first.?

Question:Ok so I'm a pretty seasoned runner who plays soccer, and I do x-country and track and field. Tomorrow is my first 5k race which I signed up for only 3 days ago, so I haven't really had a long time to prepare, but I think I'm up to the challenge. I am a pretty fast person who can do a 5:10 mile on dirt and last year in cross-country I won the gold medal in the league final with a 10:22 in a 1.9 mile course. Anybody have any good last-minute advice they can give me for this 5k? Should I not go out super hard in the very beginning but build up? Or should I sustain a good pace throughout?

BTW: I'm in 8th grade and if I want to win my division in this 5k race I need at least a 16:35-16-45



First...your times are really great for your age! Keep up the good work.

The best thing you can do now is to relax. Don't spend any useless energy worrying or getting nervous before the race. Before the race starts, go some gentle stretching and light striders...nothing too strenuous. Take deep breaths and relax. During the first mile, go out as if you're holding 10% back (in reality, you'll probably be doing your goal pace...but we all go out too fast and pay for it in the end). At the first mile mark shoot for a can make up those extra 15 second during the next two miles. Best of luck!

- Mike

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Runners World has a training program for all length of races called smartcoach and it designs the program according to your personal needs

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That is a fantastic goal for 8th grade! You are going to have to go out a little fast, because high schoolers have a tendency to slow during a race. The average pace for a 16:45 is 5:25 per mile. One thing that may make it easier for you to be comfortable during the race is to run with the competition. You stated that you wanted to win your division. Go out with the lead competition, and run behind them making them take the wind, and for you to follow someone and match their speed. With 100-200 meters to go try to go past them confidently, get on your toes and out sprint them to the finish line. If they are fast, your time will be faster.

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i read a book about about a coach that was harsh but helped his runners a lot...this might sound cheesy but.....the goal is to run with your heart and push yourself to a limit that you have never gone to before

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Start at a comfortable speed and build up on it.
When your endorphines kick in you will want to increase your speed naturally.
Let us know how you did tomorrow ok?
good luck.

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keep up the good work, breath and think of the finniosh line. if you get tired dont stop running just slow down to a working pace run to stay in the rythum

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