Best type of underwear for running?

Question:Hey guys - i'm always having trouble with my boxers bunching up in my thighs and then I get rashes after a few miles into my runs.
What's the best type of underwear that I should wear? Oh, have my first half-marathon in two weeks so i don't want to have to worry about all of that stuff. Thanks in advance!


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the best thing is compression shorts. but you don't need to go out and buy expensive nike or under armor. just go to a wal mart or something like that and pick up some off brand ones. they work just as well and cost much less. hope that helps.

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No underwear, if you want wear fairly long shorts and get a thing called Runner's Lube.

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just try wearin nothin or breifs

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get compression shorts. Nike and under armour makes them.
they just hold everything in place. I cant run with out them anymore. Good luck with your half marathon.

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I would say that you should wear absolutely nothing, but try a pair of baggy, big, loose shorts with a belt around it. this would keep you from sweating and get tired and not get rashes. Or you could wear your underwear and rub alcohol. Rub the alcohol 30 minutes before you start to run.

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Spandex shorts are the best for running.

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the one that will hold your but well, so that it doesnt wobble or irritate you! if thats what you like just wear nothing but if your going to wear something go to a underwear sjop and buy something with a lot of support/ strong material

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I would go with either boxer briefs, or just straight breifs and then wear a pair of compression shorts. I even have a pair of sliding shorts from baseball that work really well to prevent the rashes you mentioned.

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the best type is none

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tighty whites

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i know a lot of the guys on my track team wear spandex shorts or they call them sliders, i dont know what the difference is but anyways they wear them under their running shorts

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either dont wear any or wear something like underamor that doesnt constrict movement

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