800 Meter run training?

Question:What is the best way to train for a 800m run?
Also what is a respectable time?


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The 800 is the hardest event to run so it takes alot of work to get to the top. The size of your school determines what a respectable time would be in the 800. For guys at 4A schools to get noticed on varsity they need to be around 2:05. But for a guy at a 1A school, he would need only a 2:12 to get noticed because there is WAY less competition. The pyramid workout that was explained in another answer is VERY effective. I would do that at least 2 times a week. I would also run hills 10 times, at least 2 times a week. Finally I would run some 1000M time trials. For an 800M runner to be good you have to be able to keep a good 800M pace for about 1000M. Thats 2 and a half laps on a standard 400M track. If your 800 time is around 2:20 then try your 1000's in 2:50. That will help the mental aspect on finishing races hard. The last 200M of any distance race should always be the toughest part and what better way to get used to it than to run 200M extra? Every time you run 1000's try to take off a second or 2. When I started running the 800 about 4 years ago or so I ran a 2:35 and did 1000's in about 3:10. Right before I got hurt in college I was at 1:54 on the 800 and did my 1000's in 2:15. Anything can happen just stick with it.

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under 2 min thats what i always get :]

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under 2 min is way fast normally people get from 2-3 minutes

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i run the 800m aswell. i train for it with pyramid work and speed work. i basically do drills of 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m, rest 15 min. then go back up. do all the drills sprinting at your fastest. also try doing 400m, and 800m, sets with a timer. if you sprint 400m, until you get about 50-60 seconds you'll be good. don't forget to practice your mile too. a respectable time would be 2: 10. i'm a female and that's what i get. good luck.

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Sprint Stride and you will survive

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