400m important strategies?

Question:Hey, I run the 400m dash and I am stuck with two strategies.
My first strategy is:
Sprint the first 50 m
Cruise to the 300m with a comfortable sprint pace
depending on my competition
Sprint all out the last home-stretch 100m

My second strategy is:
Near-sprint first 50m
Cruise to 300m... but not as fast, kind of fall behind to the back
And sprint the last home-stretch with plenty of energy

Everytime I do strategy 1, I run out of energy at the end,
and as much as I want to kick my last bits of energy,
I'm not able to because I've exhausted my energy already.
When I do this strategy, people always tend to pass me at the

When I do strategy 2, I seem to have a great kick at the end,
But I don't want to lose too much ground when I go slower the
first 300m.
Instead of getting passed by because I have no energy,
I seem to pass people more.



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Beside a good race plan, there is also the technical aspect of the 400. Do you use starting blocks? If not, then start using them. The first 100 meters is run pretty hard, but with some reserve. Since it is run on a turn, you should be leading with your left foot and leaning into the turn. When you hit the first straight, you shift of the left lead to a neutural lead and relax. You run as hard as you can without forcing it. Then you hit the second turn and shift back to a left foot lead and again lean into the turn. When you hit the straight, there is a critical moment when you have to push off with your right foot to shift of the left lead. If your timing is perfect at this point, your form should be able to carry you to the finish.
The key in the last 100 meters is maintain your arm action and ability to stay relaxed knowing that you are going faster than it seems.

You have to learn by feel how fast you should run each 100 meter segment and when to start your "kick".. In addition, some distance running will help with the aerobic element of the 400.

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SIMPLE! Neither strategy is truly effective. You must pace yourself- run each 100 split as close to the same as you can. You need to learn what you are capable of and then apply that to a race. You will be able to get a better time if you run at an even speed.

However, you must also adapt to every race. I'm friends with two distance runners who were duking it out last season on the mile. One runner was faster and capable of going at a faster rate for the entire race, while the other had an amazing kick (a strong finish). The first runner, the once who has endurance and pace, could have easily won the race but she did not because she was setting the pace for the entire race out front. She didn't get worried because she was in the lead, while ideally, a runner like her should have slowly been gaining a greater and greater lead over the other girl who was enjoying the slow time and just waiting to pounce on the finish. And she did, and she won. The moral of this story, you must run with your brain! Understand your body and from there you can learn your own unique strategies.

I know it will be uncomfortable to not be in the lead in the first 50 meters like your used to, but asked yourself this- which would you prefer, that 8 seconds of glory at the start and a last place finish, or a smart race that puts you toward the front of the pack at the finish line?

Ok this question is for 8th graders that was a 7th grader on last year track team?

a 400 should be close to an all out sprint the entire distance. you should work on your endurance until you can do that.

try running longer distances, and hills, until you can build up.

How do you feel about it runners?

go with strategy 3, really fast stride to 200m, hold out for next 100m, and haul it in the last 100m

works for me anyway...

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