Any tips for track?

i have a track meet on the 11 i am doing shotput discus and the 100 meter dash any tips or things i should do to get ready would be helpful.



Prepare yourself mentally and physically. Mentally visualize your event the night before. See yourself on the track or in the ring and see yourself perfoming well. Confidence is key.

Physically, you must stretch and warm up before EVERY event and go through a proper cool down for EACH event as well. If you don't do so, you may become tight and will not be 100% for the next event or the next day.

Get plenty of rest and eat healthy and light the day of the race. I don't believe there is such a thing as training too hard. Those are some basic tips. Good luck!

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run fast.

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Eat well

How can i train for my 2.4km?

You have to practice alot,like on weekends and in your spare time.

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dnt practice too hard and pull muscles because then you won't do good at all!

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eat healthy
sprint really fast repedetly
but streatch before so that u wont get injured

What are the best running shoes?

eat well and get some sleep REM

What is this pain from?

work on technique and back/arm strengthining. run with weights and keep pushing yourself.

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