Are my times okay?

Hiyah I'm 14 years old and currently run in U15 womans Division and will be moving up to U17s in august at the start of the winter season! Would you be able to tell me if my times and Distances are good and if they are not tell me what I should aim for please. Its just I don't want to asked my coach because he is very strict and we don't rely get along. My PB For the 300m is 43.6 and the last time I got was 45.8, My PB for 200m is 26.1 and my last time was 26.6, My PB in Triple Jump is 8m 20 and that was my last distance. I also do Long jump and High jump but I don't know what my PBs are! Could you please answer before my next compition which is on the 15th of April! Thanxs Natz x


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You're definitely ahead of your game. It's too bad you don't get along with your coach though! You're only 14 and have so much time ahead of you- your times are already great compared to high school times. Is there anyway you can run for someone else? Reason I ask is because the coach should be someone that pushes you and you look up to, not someone that you don't get along with. I had a coach in college I hated so much (he was so undermining) that I actually switched colleges to be under another coach. He led me to nationals! Having a great coach makes all the difference. You obviuosly have talent- don't let some mean coach take away your spirit!

Keep up the great work!

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Your times are fine you shouldn't worry about it because that will only result in you getting more worried and your times will get worse

They are better then average

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Your times are pretty good, esepcially for someone your age. Just keep on doing what you are doing and you are sure to improve even more.

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