[800m Energy Distribution]?

I'm running in a 800m competition next week. I'm already quite prepared for the the physical part. However, I'm not too sure how I should distribute my energy. Since I am on the long distance side, should I sprint for 400m and then jog for 400m or should I do the opposite?



No, you should try to run even. Bread the race down into 200's. Be careful not to go out too fast or too slow on the first 200. Come through the 400 in what you project to be half your race time. Run the 3rd 200 hard, because you have to put out more effort to maintain your pace, then come home in the last 200. You can not count on picking up the pace on your last lap, because you may be too far behind the leaders to catch them, and if you go out too fast your slow down will be twice the time you ran too fast on the first lap. Stay even.

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The 800 is a sprint race in my eyes. I try to hit my first lap about 5-6 seconds off of my 400 best time and then push myself hard the second 400. It always works better for me to go out hard and come back strong. Good luck.

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pace off of some one towards the front or middle, that you want to save alot of energy for the kick (sprint) toward the end of the race. you should pick up your pace on the second lap and get into a fast stride on the back straight away. then at the beggining of the last turn of in the turn you go all out.

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you should always leave your energy for last. i say you jog the 400m and then sprint the other 400m. don't stay too behind but don't make the mistake of trying to keep in the lead and then lose all your energy. i enjoy sprinting the last 400m because by that time most of the other girls are tired so when i pass them they really get mad and that gives me mental energy which keeps me happy and going. in some cases they will try to keep up, but all they do is push me more, i'm very competitive and like it when they give me a match, it pushes me to my max speed resulting in a better time.

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I don't know what you run the 800 in, normally. I say take a realistic time, cut it in half and subtract 2 or 3 seconds. For example to run 2 mins, the first lap should be :57.

For the second lap, the race is the first 300m. Pick up your pace: in order to keep the lap time consistent, you'll have to really push. The last 100m is pure heart, not speed. If you really have speed at the end, you could have run a harder race (since the first 700m is where most of the work is done, don't save anything for the final 100m).

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