Are cheaters, lions hyenas the reason why Africa has so many great runners?


Has anyone run in the Gel Nimbus 9?

I guess it has to something with good African runners?

I need some upbeat music to listen to while running. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm very open minded.?

No. It has more to due with small, skinny frames, and people whose everyday life involves a lot of walking and running, often for great distances.

How can I run a 6 minute mile with 8 weeks of training?

I think you mean cheetahs. And no, because I'm pretty sure all of Africa's great runners didn't get fast by being chased by lions.

Running track! please help!!?

Very few africans have cars and those that do have a limited number of locations that are easily accessable. Most of them get everywhere by either walking or running. In addition, the major african running countries, kenya, ethiopia, etc. are at high altitudes and so they gain more endurance and oxygenation levels.

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