Am i doing wrong not going to practice at school?

our team has pretty much fallen apart, and the coach says if 10 people don't turn up to practice he will make us do running.


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I would suggest you find a new club or - better still - a new coach. The proper way to motivate people to turn up to practice is not to penalise those who do show up by making them run non-stop. That's just going to turn off more players! The reason people aren't showing up is that they don't enjoy the practices. It is up to the coach to make those times interesting and challenging - just going through the same old routines time after time isn't going to hold anyone's interest.

I have been playing and coaching for almost 40 years and I can say with some certainty that teams tend to fall apart when they have the wrong coach. It's not necessarily that he's a bad coach, he just isn't right for that team. My view is that it is one of the coach's key roles is to motivate his players and one way of doing this is through thoughtful consideration of making practices fun.

At the end of the day, there is no point in playing a game you are not enjoying, so there is nothing wrong with not turning up to practice if that is the case. Having said that, I always think it is a crying shame that we lose players because of this sort of thing, so I would highly recommend you find another club to play for rather than just giving up what is a wonderful sport.

Speak to your coach about his counter-productive threats and, if that doesn't work, find a local club where you can actually enjoy this brilliant game.

Good luck to you!

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I would try to recruit new people if the team is falling apart. Or if you don't feel like a team anymore, just go and enjoy playing before it does completely fall apart.

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Well it all depends. If you have some games left in the season, I think you should finish up the season. However, if you dont enjoy playing the sport you might as well quit so you dont waste your time and the coaches time. If this were me, I would show up and try as hard as I can to be a leader and show the rest of the team not to give up through hard times.

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if you have confident upon your self that you can do it with out any training then it is right if you dont then its wrong ....

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i had that problem with my club no body was turning up (but they turned up for matches) i think you should still go, it will help keep your fitness up but if all your doing is running the whole time and not doing with a rugby ball i would say stop going because its not really helping

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