I'm off to Riga, Latvia on a rugby tour any tips?

Can you recommend thnigs or places to avoid? On the other hand are there things that we shouln't miss? Please bear in mind that this is actually a rugby trip.


What can I use instead of a scrum cap in rugby as a lock?

Make sure the players check the pitch before the game, look out for dog turds, bits of metal, broken glass, things like that...

Is there a rugby team with players over the age of 50 in the uk?

very nice city

Where does Rugby originates ?

Get drunk on every given opportunity.

What is the different betwen rugby and american football?

Rugby is terrible, but the beer and women are great.. Hold on?? isnt that the point of going on tour. I told my wife that we used to go HAIWT every November in Tenerife. High Altitude Intense Winter Training. I told her we jogged up Mount Tede every morning before our matches. Isnt rugby great and arent women dumb?

6 Nations Cup?

Don't get more drunk than your mates and sleep with one eye open if you actually have to sleep! Otherwise things will be shaved!

Where does the term first 5-8 and second 5-8 come from in rugby?

Do'nt drink the water.

How many League Championships have the Warrington Wolves earned ?

The national drink is some wicked looking herbal liqueur called "Black Balsam". They make all kinds of cocktails with it, and there's actually a cocktail bar in Riga devoted to it - could be fun?

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