Blackmagic or mob?

im currently using blackmagic, but have yet to try mob griptape. which griptape is overall gripper. oh and i heard mob doesn't wear your shoes(i deffinetely KNOW blackmagic does)


What type of game is rugby?

Are you talking about chocolates, or voodoo?
I've tried the chocolates, they were OK. Not really a fan of chocolates to be honest, but they were on my desk so I ate them. Turns out they weren't for me but that's another story.

Not tried Voodoo, but I work in the East end of London so I'll nip out at lunchtime and get a Doll off the market.
I'll let you know how I get on.

*Aditional details*
"Shadow" are you feeling pain in your left leg?
If so, I can highly recommend Blackmagic

Rugby as a sport is given the cold shoulder in suffolk. why?

Grip grip grip grip gripper, grip a bit of grip for me!

You're in the wrong section.

I need training help i guess.?

are you talking about tape around the legs for lifting a jumper during line-outs? but why would tape wear your shoes?

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