Can i use Total 90 Shift FG for...?

Question:Can i use Total 90 Shift FG to play rugby with..

do they abide by the Rugby guidlines for the stud types and stuff like that..

do you think i can play a rugby match with these boots?


Is rugby football rules includes fouls? what fouls?

Absolutely fine depending on you position.
They are designed to be soft and light. So won't last long in the forwards. I use Adidas FG blades and they are great for almost the whole year at scrum half. If your front 5, then you'll need at least SG football boots most of the year and they might not last a whole season getting stood on by fat boys each week.

What is the score, with the bulls game?

I wear them and have never had any complaints. I had my boots checked in a French Cup game by a decent ref (I rarely meet decent refs) a few weeks ago and he took a proper look at them and said they're fine.

Sean, blades are permitted in rugby - many international players wear blades in the hotter months in the southern hemisphere and in the South of France.

James Hook?

If they are blades then technically no you shouldnt be allowed...but some refs let it slide simply cuz they would seem like the biggest dick pullin someone on that.

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