6 Nations Cup?

Question:who's your favourite rugby player and why?what do you think of Brian O'Driscoll?who would you choose in your dream team : Brian O'Driscoll, Paul O'Connell, Peter Stringer or Ronan O'Gara?
do you think they are going to win the 6 Nations Cup?
thanks ;-)


Who is the most outstanding player of the year?

Well We can't win the grand slam,because we were beaten by France. However we will win the Triple crown (tee hee). Brian O'Driscoll is my (and Ireland's) Hero! The best Captain Ireland has ever had, O'Gara was on Fire and he played excellently. The Match was so good, the best match i have ever seen, inwhich i think we played our best. We could win the world cup if we play like that all the time. Stringer and O'Connell were outstanding. Hats off the O'Driscoll.

43 Ireland - 13 England In Croke Park. ViVa La IRLANDE Et FRANCE !!

How do rugby players get such thick legs?

France will win the 6 nations. They`ve done the hard bit, the rest should be easy for them.

Who scored the winning try for Ireland in there last game of the 2006 six nations?

How can Ireland win the 6N cup when they have lost to France!
If they beat Scotland they will win the TC!

When you retired with all the injuries would you have still played if you had it all over again ?

re welshchick

If (yes, I know it's a big ask) England (or Scotland) beat France by a fair few, and Ireland win their remaining matches. then the Irish may win the 6-nations on points difference, I forget the tiebreak situation.


What are the advantages and the disadvantages of the French rugby system?

France will win.

Orlando Bloom or Richie Macaw, .?

France should win now, their game against Ireland was excellent, and they made the most of our (Wales') errors on Saturday. Watching the Irish beat the English has given me some hope that we can win one game this tournament, and if that's against England in Cardiff all the better! Not counting any chickens for us in Italy after what they did to Scotland.

And before you all have a go at me for being anti-English, rest assured its just a rugby thing and only meant tongue in cheek.

oops - in answer to the favourite player thing, of all time it has to be Ieuan Evans.

Well how do ya feel?

my favourite player is O'GARA and I think that france will win (sorry I'm french).

Is jonny wilkonson (england) better then lomou (new zealand) in ur opinon?

There are a number of good players and outstanding players in the 6 nations rugby group.
If I had to choose one from each team, it would be ...

England Mike Tindall.
A consistant player, extremley gifted when he can get the ball, looks for space and is not frightened to offload to place others in a chance position.
Scotland Chris Patterson
A very talented Captain, spot on with kicks, beautiful to watch running and attacking.
Wales Alix Popham
A brilliant No.8 controls the scrums and looks at all positions and can make a fantastic break away when the gap opens
France Betsen
A real plodder, gets his head down gets in there and makes fantastic moves, always there or seems to be.
Ireland Stringer
Possibly the best scrum half in the world at the moment, snipes, shimmy and shake. Can suddenly change the entire aspect of the game in one decision, also good to watch him shouting at the rest of the forwards trying to get quick ball
Italy Marco Bergamasco
A brilliant mover attacking player, never too shy to get in there and play with the best.

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