5'3, 103 lbs...how many of y'all would it take to lift me above your head?

It's for a stunt in cheerleading. I'm flying for the first time and I need to know how many average to strong guys it would take to do this stunt with me called flatback where the flyer is held above the heads of the bases, their arms are completely outstretched and the flyer lays stiff as a board with her back on their palms. I need to know how many of y'all it would take to do this stunt with me and how difficult it would be to support someone my size. Thanks!


Why do people keep using the word unprecedented regarding leicesters chase for a treble? They did it in 2001!

if you are flying for the first time, I would suggest that you have a minimum of 2 until you feel comfortable "in the air"

In this particular stunt, the flyer has to remain rock hard stiff or the base will most certainly loose balance. The base needs to be able to maintain your body weight, so choose a guy that has the ability to lift and control the stunt.

this stunt is generally reserved for the advanced cheer squad, so please have spotters available and be careful!

Italian games?


Who is your all time favourite?

2 but three would be safer

Why did the english and NSW RFU refuse broken-time payments in the 19th century?

I'm a chick and I could do it by myself.

Did the referees cost us the match against the Kiwis in the Tri-Nations?

it would only take me alone since i can bench 225 am 5'8 180 pounds

Where on line or retail can I purchase tickets for the London Irish v Ulster game in Reading in December 06 ?

I'm not sure how I found this in rugby questions but I am 250-260lbs and it only takes two people who know what they are doing to lift me up (I play lock) and I lift bigger guys than that by myself - it is simply a matter of technique not size..

Six nations predictions?

hmm...i think i take 2..that is a heavy one you know..but hey~no offense

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