Are you going to the Ireland Vs England game on Saturday?

Question:I got this from the R.S.F website, ya just might want to keep clear from the area where they are all meeting up if it turns out to be DublinRiots part deux, especially English Fans. Sorry to be a scaremonger but i dont want English fans thinking our country is a complete shi thole.
This is what was on the website:
"Our protest is making a political point and is not anti-rugby.

RSF Croke Park protest
Republican Sinn Féin has confirmed that it will be holding a protest at the England-Ireland rugby international on February 24 next.

Those wishing to protest at the playing of God Save the Queen (English national anthem) and the flying of the English flag in Croke Park whilst England continues to occupy part of Ireland should assemble at the junction of North Circular Road and Summerhill Parade near the Sunset House pub on Saturday, February 24 at 3.30pm. "
Come on Ireland!!!!


Welsh rugby fans?

I wish i was going, but i'm not. I will be wathcing it though! Come on Ireland!! wooo!

How did new zealand become known as the all blacks?

no i am going fishing (nowhere near as good as rugby) but got to go will be finding out scores though and might have them recorded

What is a rar!?!?

The English Fans are very Welcome I dont think there will be any Trouble. It is about to Start there is a Huge amount of People. I am Watching it on Tele. There never has been any Trouble Before with the Rugby Fans ,There is a true Spirit of Cameraderie.They are Playing the Salute for The President.The President is shaking Hands with the English and Irish Players. Now God Save The Queen is playing no Problem everybody Happy, Now The Irish Anthem, Arainn Na Fhiann The Soldiers Song. They Interviewed a Group of Loyalists Supporters of the Irish Rugby Team From Portadown They are Overjoyed to be coming to Croke Park and Supporting the Irish Team .I have to Sign Off Now to look at the Match. I say to the Begrudgers Stop Living in the Past and move on the English Supporters are Entitled to sing there National Anthem as they have done in Landsdowne. Bug Off IRA Sinn Fein.

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