Any one play?


Why do commentators pronounce UMAGA as UMANGA?

Watch but 7s only - short and helps my atd

Which english rugby club has provided the most english internATIONALS ?

Only watch.

Which club has had the most England rugby internationals? Is it Harlequins?

play what?

Can you give as many rugby rhymes(lyrics) as you can?

Yes i love it im a number 8, and i play for my school and my local team.

Who is the best player in the world??!?

My mum says i cannot play with strangers

Where can I buy an El Paso Rhinos jersey?

Sorry my mammy won't let me out today cause i've been a naughty boy !

Who do u think will win the state of origin this season. QLD or NSW.?

I watch. My eldest daughter is in the first team (ladies) at her University.

Does All Black captain Richie McCaw have a girlfried?

Yeah, I do. I play professional. You want to learn rugby? It is a incredible sport and the only one that you have to pass backwards to your team mates. It is quite similar to american football in ball wise. The balls are the same shape nearly. I kick and I love it because it is so satisfying. The rules are not easy to explain. There are too many but you will learn it eventually as you play it. If you want to learn rugby. It is probably a good idea to hire a coach and begin first by playing touch rugby.

What is your favorit spot to play in rugby! i like porp!?

I use to play for years i was the fullback on my team and it was great, a great way to meet good friends and play a great sport, my teams: All blacks and " Los Pumas" from my great country Argentina..

If they are playing at their best,can any team play as attractive rugby as leinster?

I play outside-center for my highschool team, so much fun to play, it's intense.

Help me find portuguese rugby gear!?

I play. I have played for Tulsa, Oklahoma City and the Springdale Rugby Football Clubs. They are part of the Ozark Region. The position I started off playing was Winger, but I have played most of the others positions except for the piggies. I perfer to play outside center which is alot more fun and allows me to hit more often. By the way, this is the hubby for okiecwgrl26

Is Canad any good at Rugby?

Depends which code, I used to play league, stand off. I prefer league, but don't mind either code. My two teams are Wigan & sale.

What are the prerequisites of running a rugby league club?How do I seek sponsorship for a league club?

I use to play.I even played club rugby while I was in my final year in school. It`s tough and very exiting. My position was left wing or mostly scrumhalf.

Where can I watch the 6 nations (Irish supporter!)?

Play is an understatement. I play #13 for our univirsity and eat, breathe, sleep, and play rugby!!!

How about?

I used to play for Ebbw Vale now im a referee

Can FIJI win the London sevens?

No, I'm afraid. The reasons are many, allow me to begin:

1) I am fat
2) I get out of breath easily
3) I do not understand the game
4) I do not like the game
5) I am usually drunk if I'm awake
6) I prefer eating Chinese food and playing my Xbox
7) I am a ghost
8) I have a wooden leg
9) I am blind
10) I am only 18mths old

Sorry about that..

I play guitar pretty well though.

Ten points, please.

Any rugby movies around?

Lamb Chop you've just described the starting 15 for my local New Jersey (USA) team.

Anyone know when the Rugby Union and Rugby league split occured and why?

i always wanted a wooden leg

but no really, i would like to play

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