6 Nations 2007: who will win the Grand Slam between France and England?


Relegation match?

Vive la France, je deteste les Anglais,

What rugby teams are in Texas or New Mexico and will play a team that is just starting out?

I hope England win it - and here's the best bit I'm SCOTTISH!

Is jean de villiers gay?

France, unless England can improve on their recent performance against Italy

Dude what IS rugby?

I hate to say it but france will

Who on this network likes the Shark team?

no grand slam this year! the Irish will be the champions!

Names of people in RSA Transvaal Rugby Teams from 1983 to 1986?

England I hope !

Why isn't Rugby more popular in the US?

Probably France... not convinced they'll get the grand slam, though, but it's definitely a possibility.

What was the score for the welsh crawshays against the lobos in mexico at the UNM football staium on the 10th?

France has extremly talented backs so i think they will win. But if England tries really hard and put there act togeather then they could possibly win!

How do I get tickets for Wales V New Zealand on 25 November?

Well France have done the hard bit. England still have it to do. Maybe no-one this time. If Wales got the wooden spoon, that would do me.

How do you play Rugby?

England hopefully

World XV rugby team for 2006?

With the return of Johnny Wilkinson as well as Jason Robinson two of the best attacking players england has a chance of winning

Where in East Slovakia can I watch the 6 Nations??

No - one!!!

Ireland to beat England.!!!!
England to beat France - let's hope.

No grand slam... Ireland to win triple Crown.

Why is rugby a weak sport?

Its anyones game for the taking.

France blow hot and cold just like england do at the moment but i`d love to see england do it.If they did the sprits would remain high for when they DEFEND THE WORLD CUP.Altho only to lose it

Rugby Ball Sizes?

Ireland will beat and england and england will beat france. Or maybe the scots will beat france? but I can't see a grand-slam this year! The Irish will need a great points diff from the remaining matches to level it up with frances trouncing of the italians! But the best scenario would be france losing twice.. *prays*

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