(only for U.S citizens) What sport would you choose between rugby and soccer ??

Question:Please don' t say "neither" or something like that, and try to explain your answer. Thank you !

PS it ' s a question for men and women


Calcutta Cup.?

"What sport would you choose"? Mot sure what this means.
Rugby is a terrific sport, requiring toughness, strength, speed, ball handling, running, kicking, tackling and great teamwork. However, it's not much good on the tellyvision, eh? Soccer, a real good game, but not on a par with rugby. Many more opportunities to go get in queue for another round, not likely to miss much, eh?
As an athletic competition, rugby is as good as it gets.
Sunderland, Maryland, USA

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I'd have to say rugby its rough..

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I play rugby, but soccer is also a great sport

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I have tried getting into both, and i have gotten more into soccer. Perhaps its from seeing live matches in Europe, and the availability of it on television vs. rugby.

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rugby...its much more physical, there's a lot more strategy involved and its a lot more fun (i play both)

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What exactly is the point in limiting your question to U.S. citizens?

The two sports are virually incomparable.

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rugby, but i only watch soccer because USA rugby wants me to watch on a computer or ESPN 41 and the IRB does not give a rip whether the games are widely available or not

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I'd choose rugby. American football is my favorite sport, and it's a derivative of rugby.

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