Choose u're team for 2007 rugby world cup 2007?


If theres any French people out there.?

The All Blacks baby...well it bloody better be, we've choked far to many times.or been poisoned.

Is there aweb site for holywood rugby n.l.?

You mean like, Choose a country I think will win?
South Africa or France

I am just getting into rugby/laccrosse. which is better and what is the objective of each sport?

France. Their backs are the best.

Who is the fastest rugby player in world rugby?

Ireland I hope.

What does everyone think about Serevi the Wizard and his apprentice William Ryder during the Adelaide Sevens?

France or Wallabies

Does anyone think England has a chance in the Tri-Nations ?

World rankings would suggest the All Blacks, closely contested by France, but there's the funny thing with World cups, it's not so much about rankings as about team stamina, tournament tactics and injuries, playing in an intense environment such as a world cup is not the same as playing a couple of games on tour, the favourite does not always come out on top.ask the All Blacks.

What are the qualification rules for rugby leagues state of origin?


I need some help on the basics of Rugby.?

South Africa is the only team to have beaten NZ in about their last 20 games. It will be likely that they repeat the 1995 final. France has a reasonable chance as does Australia. Argentina are probably the dark horse of the tournament as people tend to forget about them.

Why do rugby players dive across the line even if nobody is near them?

*cough* Scotland..

(realistically- The All Blacks)

In Rugby, why do France always play Scotland in white shirts?

...well, maybe one day...

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