Could some1 explain the basics of rugby to me in less that 100 words?

Ive recently started seeing a rugby player and am dreading going to see him play as i don't know the first thing bowt it! Help a confused girl out!


Why isn't rugby more popular in the U.S?

Rugby is a sport where the aim is to score by putting the ball down over the try-line to score a "try." only backwards passes are allowed with the exception of kicks which can be used to gain territory fast. points can also be obtained through penalty kicks, drop goals and conversions - all involve kicking the ball between the vertical posts. teams are made of 15 players: 8 forward players - who contest for the ball in the scrum and various set pieces; and backs - who through speed and agility attempt to run through the other team's defensive line

Any TV station available in the US that is broadcasting the RBS Six Nations for free?

Watch the rest of the Six Nations games with him and get him to explain it as it goes on. He'll love you for asking as he'll be able to talk about something he loves doing.

Ireland v England rugby tmoro?who dya support?

to run from one end of a field to the other, carrying an oval shaped ball, without getting jumped by a bunch of thugs and injured...

What happened to Johnny Wilkinson and will he be with the Lions for the world cup 2007?

If you've got the ball run like *. If you havn't got the ball then kick * into the person with the ball.

Which teams play in the guinness premiership rugby union finals?

To put the ball down over the try line to scorepoints and to kick the ball between the uprights to gain more points. Whoever has the most points after 80 minutes is the winner. If they are level it is a draw. I hope that helps.

Has stuart fielden lost some reputation?

Kick off. Opponent catches ball and runs forward. Gets tackled. Everyone tries to push to get the ball and get possession. Some idiot throws the ball forward instead of backward. Foul. Scrum = Eight men get together and push against each other to get possession. One guy throws the ball out to the fast, skinny guys. They pass, juke, and score. Then they do conversion kick. One team win. Other team killed.

Is Rugby Union no longer a gentlemen's game?

Wikipedia is the answer - and watch Six Nations

Where can I buy rugby gear in the US?

As a coach for youngsters you have set a hard one, simple answer NO. you would need a bit more than a 100 words. The best way to learn is go to the field of play and watch, find a group of people that look friendly and just ask. The majority of Rugby fans will happily inform you of what is going on, what the signals of the refs mean, difference in actions, etc. Listen and learn, the basics are easy.
Don't worry about the complications of some of the rules, even when I ref a match it is hard, there are too many interpretations of the rules, its one of the hardest ruled sports.
Another source would be to go-to the IRB website and check on the refs page they have some good diagrams of ref actions that tell you what has happened.
As My wife says when she comes along to watch, 'I get the jist of it, but love to look at the bodies!'

Does anybody know a name of an Irish rugby player?


Name seven 4-letter countries?

check the number on his shirt. if it's from 1 to 8, he's a forward. they do all the work and tackling. Hard lads. if it's between 9 and 15 he's a back. basically a ***.

Who was in the 1991 world cup squad?

At kick off, the receiving team spreads out, the kicking team is in a flat line. penalties usually result in a scrum where forwards (1-8) bind together and push for control of the ball. if a player goes in touch, or out of bounds, a line out ensues. #s 1-8 get into a single file line except the hooker (#2). the hooker passes the ball in and the players in the line out try to catch it. you put the ball down in the try zone to score a try, which is like a touchdown. there is a conversion kick after that. the ball is only passed backward but can be kicked forward. that's pretty much the jist of it.

England this weekend?

To get the egg shaped ball over the try line or kick it between the H shaped posts.That's only 17 words.

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