Anyone know where Ben Gollings is now?

He was playing for Tasman in New Zealand earlier this season, but now they have been eliminated from the main cup competion he seems to have dropped from sight.


Rugby tour krakow?

He is covering for Dan Cater at Canterbury Crusaders, although he is not getting picked as first choice fly-half.

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I have been thinking the exact same thing, I know he played for Tasman but as far as I know he is back for the next season, I would have thought he would have been playing for the english 7's team but from the tournaments I have seen so far he's not been?

Aussie haka shown on TV this week. What is the Web address?Thanks, Bruce?

Where he is right now?
Not too sure, probably at home having his dinner, maybe watching Eastenders or something.

But if you mean who does he play for, he's with Doncaster in National Division One

Do rugby players earn as much as football players?

he still plays for tasman nd england 7s hes trying to get into north harbour

How do you think a top American football player shape in a top game of rugby?

back waving the british flag,having narrowly missed subbing for dan carter inthe crusaders.try doncaster!

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