6 Nations Cup?

Question:who's your favourite rugby player and why?what do you think of Brian O'Driscoll?who would you choose in your dream team : Brian O'Driscoll, Paul O'Connell, Peter Stringer or Ronan O'Gara?
do you think they are going to win the 6 Nations Cup?
thanks ;-)


Is there a Rugby World Cup?

Brian O'Driscoll and Andrew Trimbel and Ronan O'Gara All ROCK! And Hickey of course WooHoo 19-9. But Brian is injured and can't play tomorrow against France, and so I have my doubts on Eire's chances of beating them :-(.We didn't beat the France last year, yet we ae favorites to win and we are a VERY VERY Good Team..

I Really Really Really Want Eire (Ireland) to win the Six Nations, because we haven't won it in so long and we are playing really well so far and well we deserve to win, I mean for the 1st time ever (since the very horrid event) the six nations matches are being played in Croke Park, after it took a year for the officals to decide to let England play (and other non Irish) there. And O'Gara, Stringer,Trimbel, O'Gara and of course O'Driscoll are the best player ever! So I want Ireland to win, yet I Think France might Win... Again :-(.

VIVA I'Irlande Come On Eire!!

How well do you think Irelands rugby team will do?

Being Welsh I would have loved Wales to win but hey I can dream, my father is Irish so Ireland winning would be nice.

Dan Carter or Luke McAllistar for All Black Flyhalf?

Brian O Driscoll is a class rugby player but he's a muppet and full of *, Paul O Connell Is the true Irish Captain, a monster, if Ireland beat France tomorrow they will do the grand slam as i don't think the English are up to much, if they don't win it this year they never will as its probably the worst English, Scottish and Welsh teams in a long number of years

I am irish and i know we are good,but,is johney wilkison any good?

IRELAND to win the 6 nations and hope all goes well for our boys last time the Brits were in crocker they brought in thanks and guns and killed people lets hope they don't bring them this time ha ha ha

England hookers since 1985?

frances b
let stop all this shite about croake park its was years ago and you cannot change history otherwise we could always go down the I.R.A root they klilled more inocent people.You are an embarrasement to the irish i mean if the irish players can deal with it i suggest you do

So keep your politics out of sport.

I think ireland will reach the finals only to fall to france

Does anyone know if I can get the Irish rugby jersey in any shops in London?Tried Lillywhites,and nothing.?

Yes Neil P, thats the spirit! no point in living in the past, sure we are going to beat them anyway so who cares!! To answer your ques i think France will win the Slam outright but Ireland will win the Triple Crown

Are there any rugby clubs in Majorca?

we all know that's between England and the french . the Irish don't come in to it

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