Congratulations to our Scottish cousins.?

Well done on your victory today against the Welsh.It was a scrappy game but you deserved the win..I only hope we don't lose to England..that would be the low-point of the season.


Whats the best body type for a rugby forward number 7?

Yep - too bad we couldn't get the try but you boys defended like dragons. I hate to see a game decided by kicking as well, but glad we got the win.

Best of luck in France boyo...

Looking for info on a past wakefield trinity and huddersfield giants player james mosley?

cheers taff! hope you gub em!

Do you think ireland can win the rugby world cup 2007?

hi mayte let the best team win

When did Great Britain last win the rugby league world cup?

Oh yes congratulations boyo's !!

How can I watch the Australian RL Grand Final on the internet?

we smashed the scots easily and it wont be long before we kick some welsh *** - there's nothing i like more than beating the genetically inferior celts.- love , one of your english masters!!!

Who scored the final try in Gloucester Rugby Club’s last game?

WELL Done.!

What chances do you think Wales have in the 6 nations?

"genetically inferior celts" make up 75 percent of the English populations was recently discovered.

Im trying to find the name of a south african player who played 4 Wigan, all i know is his 1st name is Nick?

Well done Scotland, we made too many errors - the 7 penalty gave away.

Did you hear the frogs crokeing in Dublin?

Well done Scotland.! Wish you had`na won but there you go, suppose it makes up for the last 2 6Ns.. I haven`t seen the jocks give so much commitment to a game in a long time, I hope you guys keep it up.

You know what they say... As long as we beat the English...

Well maybe not the way Wales are playing at the mo, but we can live in hope.

Carlos Spencer?

Alex p ,shows you how much you know your sport! the boring nigels wouldn`t win anything without wilkinson,thats why you english are,always have been and always will be boring at sport! we welsh cogratulate the jocks on their win as at least it was deserved,we and all the other teams in the six nations arn`t bothered if we lose as long as we all beat the boring english.

I am looking for an old school mate called Jason Hauser?

Alex p oh yep you done a great job against italy !

Where can i watch the rugby?

Yes !!!

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