What kind of ball do they use ih the game of rugby ?


What are the correct field dimensions youth rugby 7's?

A rugby ball, similar to an American football but more oval and no laces.

Will Moseley's rugby union club survive?

A rugby ball.

How much do the english actually know about croke park history?

Rugby players have leather balls.

Who else is glad that millward has been sacked??

A rugby ball, oval in shape.

Hey Wales 4 6 nations?

a rugby ball is kind of like an american football, only fatter and white...

Whos gonna win NRL?

I agree, it's a rugby ball

What was the score in South Africas record defeat of Wales in Rugby?

a squre 1

Is rugby going to be big in the U.S.?

eh duh a rugby ball.....

Where can I watch rugby or AFL on American TV?

A rugby ball (duh) and 2 golfballs per player

Wilkinson and Robinson out?

An american football (rather than a soccer ball) and a rugby ball are quite similar in shape and size. Both balls are oval and are 11 inches long. The difference between the two is the shape balls' ends. The football has ends that come to a point--while the rugby ball has flatter ends. The ends of these balls make a significant difference in how each moves through the air

Can you score points against your own team in Rugby union?

a rugby ball i think

Will England beat France and let Ireland win the 5 nations?

An oval shaped leather ball. The Americans adopted a smaller version of this for their adaptation of football.

Where can I get a transcript of Dallaglio's speech to the Lions before the game against the NZ Maoris in 2005?

Is it a ball ? It's not round, a shuttlecock is more of a ball than a rugby ball - it should be called a lump

I separated my shoulder or something in a rugby match-help!?

its an oblate spheroid

When will they ban adverts painted on rugby pitches?

a rugby union rugby ball. size 5 is a full size. as kids learn to play and get older and bigger then the size increases from a 2 thats quite short and slim to a 5 thats fat and long.
there is a slight difference in rugby league but not much

Why has'nt hasem el masri ever been picked to play origin?


I no ppl will rip it outa me 4 askin, but iv neva rele got in2 rugby, i dnt no y, i ges im jst scared but .

Let me think. Hmmm... I reckon you may have noticed already by reading all the e answers you got but..It's an oval shaped ball... No frills or laces (like American Football)
Just big, relatively long, thick & rounded ends for better movement!

Got it??

Whos the best centre in the world?

A rugby ball is not "oval'. In fact it is a form of prolate spheroid.

Is rugby played on a shag rug the flat kind?

Size 5 leather egg

IRELAND. Triple Crown Winners. Three cheers for Ireland ?

are you friends with Peter h, the one who thinks Will Carling is the greatest rugby player of all time

What are the rules for Rugby, and where can I find a local Rugby group?

An oval shaped ball that looks like an egg

Is rugby the ultimate contest of male dominance.?

It is an oval shaped ball, nowadays made of a synthetic material. It is fatter than an American football and does not have the lacing on one side as all the stiching is internally beaded.

Rugby V Soccer, which is the more macho game?

An leather Oval one.

Defence and attack sessions in rugby union?

A rugby ball.

When does the six nations start?

According to Jonny Wilkinson, they're different to the ones that were used last time he was playing international rugby.

Good job that he only had a week to practise with it, or he might have scored 72 points instead of 27!

Like me do you think Ireland got beat by a better team yesterday?

a rugby ball!

Scottish rugby union player in 1985 called ivan?

Technically speaking -

The ball when new shall be oval in shape, of four panels and of the following dimensions:
Length in line........ 280 to 300 mm
Circumference (end on)...... 760 to 790 mm
Circumference (in width).... 580 to 620 mm
Weight......... 400 to 440 gms

The ball, at commencement of play, should have a pressure equivalent to 9 1/2 - 10 lbs. per square inch (0.6697-0.7031 kilograms per square centimeter) at sea level.
The dimensions of the ball may be reduced only for younger schoolboys.
Balls may be specially treated to make them resistant to mud and easier to grip. The casing need not be of leather.

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