Any other Welsh people find Rugby boring?

Question:or am I alone in this?

Wales are not as good as they were years ago anyway. And my Other Half is English so we'd end up practically divorcing each other during the Six Nations if I were a Rugby fan (He's a Johnny Wilkinson worshipper). Its easier just not care!


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Yes - there are lots of Welsh people find rugby boring.

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yeah me! I can't stand rugby - it's so dull

What are some names for Rugby teams?

I found your question amusing,because my wife is welsh and loves rugby,and I'm a footie fan. So I'm in the same position as you,must admit though sometimes i will wind her up and pretend I want England when wales are playing them,though really I don't care.Oh sorry I'm English.

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I'm only half Welsh but i love rugby! My boyfriend doesn't mind me supporting the scarlets as he's not into rugby, but we argue quite abit about football.

Does anybody know where there are some rugby teams in charleston sc i want to join one!?

Nooo as a Welshy i luv the rugby ! Its not for everyone so each to their own ... I enjoy all the banter that goes with it altho wouldn't want to be in your position lol !!

Wen's the nxt New-Zealand All Blacks Rugby Game?

OMG! You are committing a HUGE sin!
Say your "I'm so sorry Max" and caress the leek a hundred times as you beg for forgiveness!
Then sing "Bread of Heaven" 3 times to cleanse yourself!

Hi, where can i get the new steel coloured welsh rugby top?

I am not sure the rest of us care. But I suppose I am the opposite, I'm an American that loves Rugby (we hardly see any here)

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I prefer watching rugby than football, I hate football

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ya its pretty boring for welsh people when they couldnt even get a try against us[ireland]!even though to be honest we played rubbish!

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