Any Scottish rugby fans disgusted with the TV ref yesterday?

Can't deny that England played very well and Scotland weren't up to the task but why do we have TV replays in rugby if the rules of the game are not followed?!?!


Who do think will the european heineken rugby cup 2007? my tip llanelli.?

Absolutely understandable if they are- as an English fan, but fan of Rugby most of all, I believe the decision ruined the game - Scotland were never going to come back after the try was awarded. Lets face it, Enngland were average at best, and Scotland less than average, but suddenly everyone are hailing us as world beaters again. Get Real. Ooops seem to have gone off the question.
I am very sorry the tv judge was a complete incompetent *, with his 'you may award the try' nonsense. Sack him now - and name him so that he never gets another job in Rugby

What do you think to hull kingston rovers being in the superleague?

i agree brother

Congratulations to our Scottish cousins.?

You are the best at tossing the caber

Are the All Blacks or the Wallabies, or another team, the best rugby team in the world?

As an English fan, I agree.
It didn't affect the game but Ref. standards need to be higher.
Everyone knows it wasn't a try, even Wilko.
Just one of those things, I guess. I remember my feelings at a Cohen disallowed try a few years back.
And do not get me started on penalties.

I guess, as we English have long suspected, the gods are writing Wilko's script personally.

Where can i find footage of the full 80 minutes of Wales v France, RBS 6 nations, 2006?

Abosoultely. Its biast. All you english fans better not over celebrate cause u knw its true. WHen they play at murryfield with some supporters and some good refin weel beat u

Anyone know how old Bobby Goulding is?

go the scotts

Why does Jonny Wilkinson stand in that position before taking a penalty?

I'm English and think England deserved to win, BUT.

Wilkinson was not man of the match, Harry Ellis clearly was and no that try was not a try! What tv screen was the TMO looking at and which game was he refereeing?

Do you think deciding draws in the English league by penalties is a good idea or not?

I have a plan you invade from the north we will come from the west! and after we have concered the land where sea gull's fly upside down (COZ THERE AINT ANYTHING WORTH SHITTING ON) Jonny Wilkinson is a toss pot 1 kick wonder.

Whos going to win between melbourne storm & the eels?

Look, Sean Lamont gifted two tries. One was unlucky, other sloppy defending. Theres of the points came from Wilkinson's boot. If Scotland didn't give stupid penalties away, knowing that he would kick them, then they wouldn't have scored the points.
As for Johnny's try, well it was a farce.

The only real problem I saw with Scotland was the lineout - the No10 had some good kicks to touch, but the line-outs weren't challenged!

Rugby league or union? Which do u think is better?

it was awful. every single person in our rugby club agrees. they went mental hahahaha. it was awful

Do you aussies still think your the best at rugby league?Willie Mason should be barred?

not only the Scots where disgusted with that so called "try" yesterday.

Why oh why weren't the all blacks allowed do the haka today against the welsh?

Actually, it was rather amusing to hear the English commentators having to explain that one. You know, the same guys who start looking for refs' mistakes to explain England's defeat before anyone has even scored.

Rugby league, refs behind the goals.?

Terrible decision from the 4th official and he will have to explain himself im sure, but it wouldn't have made a difference. England were the better team and deserved their victory. Wilkonson was unbelievable, its hard to believe he only had 40 mins of rugby in 3 months.

Why is Southern Hemisphere Rugby so much stronger then the Northern Hemisphere version ?

I'm not a Scot - I'm Welsh, which probably means I have the same bias, but I was appaulled! I actually had to turn the TV off after that Johnny Wilkinson 'try'.

The ref and the TV judge obviously saw a different tuuch line than the rest of us. If these are the new rules, I'd advise any player to run down the side of the pitch then plonk the ball down behind the posts. Obviously being touch just doesn't matter any more.

Also, the decision against Chechai (scuse my spelling, know it's completely wrong!) 's almost try in the Wales game. He was clearly taken off the ball and Wales should have been awarded a penalty try. I love the Irish rugby team, and I didn't mind that they won, but it's a shame when an excellent game is marred by a poor decision, as was the case in both the England v Scotland and Wales v Ireland matches.

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