Are the present New Zealand side the best side that has ever been?


IS CHRISTIANITY A FORM OF CONTROL and why do you believe in someone you have only read about or heard of?

Interesting question but at present it would have to be no as they have yet to win the world cup, they are certainly far in front than other nations and a pleasure to watch and i say that as a Welshman having just seen an excellent All Blacks team

Are you excited when you see the All-Blacks ?

NO the houston astros are the best side there has ever been.

Choose u're team for 2007 rugby world cup 2007?

no we are just crap, lol

Is there a rugby team with players over the age of 50 in the uk?

i take my hat off to the all a springbok supporter i must admit that this current crop of all blacks must surely be the best ever.

Whats the best way to defend a maul in rugby?

have to say they are the best at the moment and will be during the world cup and will lift it! But they do cheat and they were caught out tonight against Wales.
But the their game plan is awesome! they re-group so quick and their defence is brilliant! one has to say that the back 3 have got to be the best back 3 in the world, even their 2nd row can kick like a fly half...where the feck does that leave the rest of us!

Quick answer before the games over will the warriors be sucsessfull with the come back against the bulls?

They are the best in the world AT THE MOMENT, but there have been better N.Z. teams in previous years.

Who is going to win the National High School Rugby Tournament? (U.S.A.)?

No. not even close.

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