Are England the worst holders of the rugby Union world cup?


Who is south africa playing in rugby on the 18 november 06?

yes, and to think that they are the current holders of the rugby world cup, well, it is shocking how badly they've done since 2003 and it won't be long until they lose it next year. a one-man team who cannot seem to do well unless they have johnny wilkinson, this in itself goes on to prove that they are a one-man team. just goes to show what an arrogant bunch of so and so's they are that they ought to lose. i predict either new zealand or south africa will prevail and win the world cup

Has anyone played aganisted a team called bloxwich 2nds what did you think and didi we beet you.?

yeah lol

I'm 16yo and I've been fortunate enough to have played rugby and athletics (hammer throw) for England.

They are a joke

Rugby league? do players matter anymore or is the ref omnipotent?

Why, do they keep dropping it?

What's the difference between american soccer and rugby ??

I doubt it. Not one team has been able to defend the RWC before. Previous winners being:
1987 - New Zealand over France
1991 - Australia over England
1995 - South Africe over New Zealand
1999 - Australia over France
2003 - England over Australia

I am pretty sure Australia had a big losing streak before the 2003 RWC. Therefore, the latest losing streak by England would not be considered abnormal.

Whats your predictions for the weekends rugby ?

They certainly are at the moment.

Does anyone know when the next Rugby World Cup is?

Although no holders of the world cup have managed to retain it, England have to be the worse as they have not managed to win many games since they did won it!

Who scored the first british four point rugby league try in 1983 and which club were they playing for?

Here's an idea.
Stop worrying about what the English do, you'll be much happier.
Whether we are the worst or not is subjective - you can believe what you want. As will we.

Who won the 2003 Rugby World Cup?

No doubt!

I want to learn about rugby and can anybody recommend me any website where i can learn it?

I have heard from a reliable source that the RFU have decided to change the red rose emblem to a red tampon given that England are having their worst period in ages.

Rugby invented the word Touch Down when scored, so why not say touchdown instead of try?

No, but at the moment they do not have a cat in hells chance of winning the next one until both Andy Robinson and the committee that appointed them are removed and someone who actually knows something about Rugby Union not league is allowed to run the national side.

Does anyone the exact details of Jonny Wilkinson's boots ?

definitely, so allez les bleus

Do you get scrums in beach rugby?

Yes they are and always will be

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