A Yank with a rugby question. Do the players have to go directly back to prison after each match?

Or are they leased out as soccer/football hooligans before they go back to prison?


Is rugby offered in high school in the UK?

NO,they just go back to the phsyco wards

Who gos on neopets?

Oh hahahahahahaha, you're a comedic genius!

For your information, a large ammount of people who play rugby are upper class... but Rugby is shi'ite so who really cares?

Where can i watch the RBS 6 nations online free of charge?

No They go back to their stud farms

I am a real good rugby player does any 1 have any tips on how i can play for the ospreys? or wales?

You've confused rugby with American Football. Specifically the Raiders I think.

Rugby players abuse Raiders and raider fans sexually, THEN they're sent back to prison.

Is there a green long sleeved home south african rugby shirts (2007)?

Dude, that's obnoxious. And I'd be willing to bet you would never say this directly to a rugby player. British rugby players may be a rough bunch, but their average criminal record is probably better than the average American football player.

Will the Pacific Islanders rugby team be successful at their European tour?

No. They traffic the steriods and cocaine for the overrated, overpriced, not relevant to the rest of the entire world, soft, gridiron players...

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