Being a deprived American, rugby is a little new to me. How is the game played?

Different positions? Scoring? Professional teams to watch? Reading material to check out?


Where does Rugby originates ?

Go ahead and check out I'm and American living in Switzerland and I play rugby for my school team so I'm relatively imersed in the sport. Rugby cannot be summed up in a single sentence but if you ask me, the comparison to football is false. Rubgy and football are totally different. The only thing they have in common is that it is a contact sport. However, the contact is completely different. In rugby, tackles are generally much lower and require less collision contact. It is also not as important for the player to prevent the opposing ball carrier from gaining a few extra inches so the tackler can afford to fall backwards with the player. Anyway, there are a million things you can learn about rugby. Check out this link:

Why the hell?

All I know is its a combination of soccer and football, without the padding. Sorry.that was no help what so ever.

Any bfd bulls fans out there?

with shame shape ball as gridiron.
Off side means players on your team in front of the ball.
Quite opposite to gridiron

How can I find out if my father is still the youngest person to be capped for Yorkshire in boys rugby league?

Lot like gridiron except the same team tackles as runs. The ball can change from team to team during play. Do an internet search there are lots of rugby sites.

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