Can any one tell me whats the difference?

between football boots and rugby boots? yes i know ones for kicking a oval ball and the others for a round one? reason why i ask is we got the daughter a pair of boots yesterday with metal studs ...and we dont really know the difference? cheers


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Now, there are differences, but unless rugby is to be taken seriously and regularly, then football boots are the best bet. I play in about 2 games a week on average, and i'm a forward, and i've never considered rugby boots.

Football boots tend to be lighter, and obviosuly there's a selection of studs and blade's you can get.

With rugby boots, you have larger metal studs, as you need better traction, but you can buy these for football boots. Furthermore, some have metal toe caps, which are good for forward rugby. Finally, you can get ankle high rugby boots for better support.

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The main difference would be in the boots worn by forwards in rugby, these tend to be higher around the ankle to offer more protection in ruck situations.
Other than that, they're basically the same.

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The biggest diffirents is in the stuts. Forwards use boots with longer stuts thas normally metal stuts its about 15 mm. its mostly for scrums and rucks. the plastic stuts is not so long and easily to run with its more for speed than power. its like a car one have h.p.(Speed) and one have torque(Power).

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football boots look nicer cos the tv camera men are focusing on their fancy footwork with the ball.

I know its a silly answer but it sounds

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There are essentially two styles of rugby boot. One looks almost exactly the same as a football boot. The other has a higher ankle piece, designed to provide added protection for the heel and ankle. This additional riser at the back of the boot can vary in height depending on the particular model.

A key difference between football and rugby boots is that rugby boots tend to have more protection in the toe cap area and in the heel. Rugby players' feet get trodden on all the time, so these extra padded areas are important.

Another difference can be the design of the sole of the boot. Many football boots are made of moulded plastic while rugby boots should have removeable screw-in studs. Studs can be long (for wet ground conditions) or shorter (for dry conditions). They can also be metal or plastic studs - either is fine as long as they have the kite (safety) mark on them.

The older-style boot with the added ankle protection is not as widely used today as it used to be. Many players find that they restrict ankle movement and are not as comfortable as the football-style boot. In fact, many rugby players actually wear football boots by preference.

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There's no real difference these days unless you're talking about old school high ankle steel toe boots.
Loads of top rugby players use "football" boots now. Both football and rugby boots come in loads of types.

Plastic moulded studs
Plastic moulded blades
Screw in plastic or metal studs
Clip in metal blades

You can use anything for playing rugby in, but football authorities incorrectly think screw in metal "rugby" studs are dangerous. The football plastic ones are actually far more dangerous.

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