Are Ireland the dark horses for the rugny world cup?

Question:NZ look unbeatable, but can the Irish team give them a run for their money?
Is this the best Irish side of all time?


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Ireland have an awesome chance of reaching the final of the World Cup if they stay pretty much injury free! Watching their form they have good strength in depth so the pool rounds should be a good chance to give most of the team a run out... we must remember that New Zealand choke in the world cup... so their chances of winning must always be questioned... South Africa have a chance if they can keep it together but even England beat them this year and we've all seen how bad england have been of late, Argentina will make life difficult for the irish and french... thats the battle in group D... it could be a three way toss up... but whoever comes out of that... stands a chance of the big prize.

My heart lies with the Irish!

And in answer to the 2nd bit of the question. it's the best side in a long time. a very long time!! if we were to create a dream team from the last 50 years of irish rugby the majority of the players would be from this team with the addition of Kieth Woods, Paddy Johns and Ken Goodall. maybe more... but the Backline of the irish team literally is the best we;ve ever had! Even the subs bench bristles with talent!!

Good Luck!

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They are probably odds-on favourites for the Six Nations, and definitely worth an each-way bet for the World Cup.

In any event, they'll certainly do better the England!!

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Thay are a good side but watch out for WALES

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i think ireland are at their best ever but i still think the only team that has a chance against new zealend is sa

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They're hardly dark horses, since the autumn internationals every pundit on the planet has been touting them and new zealand. this is the obvious choices as all other nations seem to over play their player base causing to many injuries to they're key players, with not enough strength in depth. but Ireland and NZ have seem to have struck the right balance of resting they're important players.take a leaf WALES PLEASE p.s if your looking for dark horses then it's got to south Africa even though I'd hate to see them win.

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a helloo! of course Ireland are going to win!!

i don't know why I got 2 thumbs down this a great answer and its soo true!!

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When you say that I laugh, this time it will be France who will win the WC in home soil and also the 6 nations..hehehe!

Anyone watchin the ireland vs france rugby?

I guess any country that puts together a good solid side that can play through the whole 80 with reasonable workrate and keeping penalties and handling errors to a bare minimum has a shot. It's possible since they have a decent shot at getting through pool D.

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No, they are not a dark horse.
They are one of the best teams about, everyone knows it.
A dark horse is something else.

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Good question and a totally agree with you that Ireland(IRFU) gave NZ a run for their money. But as for beating them it depends if they want to win or do the really want to win!

Am I the only person who thinks France will beat Ireland (six nations)?

As a bok Fan I hate to say this, But my money is on Ireland. tough bastards wanting to win. Good luck Irish.

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we are going to win the grand slam in the 6 nations and the world cup and munster and leinster will be in the heinekin cup final and munster will win!!!!

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Irish fans are free to dream about winning the RWC, but back to the question at hand. Ireland got smoked last year by the All Blacks at home & I can't see why this will not happen again in France if they meet again this year. If I was choosing a dark horse, I would put my money on Argentina to get through the quarter finals with a few upsets on the way there.

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