Anyone in the USA know what USA broadcasters will show the rugby world cup?

also can you get sky sports in the USA?


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setanta sports. You can get it on itbn or directv. Its well worth the price!

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eek, I don't know of any. Best bet would be FOX Sports.

SKY sports, probably only on Satellite. I don't see it in my channel list.

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i watched the last one of fox sports world, but they changed their name to fox soccer channel so I dont think they will carry this one =*( probably gunna hafta get some weird satellite channel im thinkin

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DirecTV offers a sports package called Setanta. It's mostly a soccer channel, though they do show a good variety of both Rugby League and Union. They list the IRB World Cup on the website, though if it's anything like the Six Nations it won't be live . All of the Six Nations games were shown between one and six days after the game was played and sometimes at odd late night hours. If you've got a DVR it's a good bet.

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Online channels might be your best bet. The Rugby channel is new, and I have high hopes for it. Besides, some of us don't have dishes, but we're all online. As for sky sports, I've been looking for years. I always hear "Any time now". I've given up.

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not sure but guess at FSN, as they currently show super12 and tri-nations.

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Yes. It will be on Pay-Per-View. It will cost you about $250.00. See just click on North America. Not willing to pay 250 for the pleasure? Niether am I and niether is the rest of the continent. This makes the RWC in america a none event. The IRB and USA rugby must be proud of making sure america does not get into rugby.

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