Can someone explain the rules of rugby union?


What time is that Eng./Ireland Rugby match on today? In NYC. Thanks.?

It would take all day, but from one girly to another, here's a quick guide:

Teams are trying to cross each other's lines for a try, which is worth 5 points.

The fly half (kicker) then has the chance to kick the ball between the posts for an extra two points, which is called a coversion.

The other way to get points is by kicking penalties, which are worth 3 points each, drop goals, worth 3 points each, or penalty tries, which is the full try amount. Penalty tries come about if the ref thinks the team was illegally prevented from making a move that would definitely have resulted in a try.

Other rules are, the ball must not be passed or knocked forward. If it, the team will be called back for a scrum, where the ball is dropped in the middle as the two squads try to push each other in a kind of tug of war.

Sometimes, advantage is played. That means, if team 1 does something wrong but team 2 already has the ball back, if team 2 then loses the ball, they can still get a penalty or scrum out of it.

Other noteable rules are:

If the ball is in a maul (where someone is holding it above ground and driving it forward with the help of his teammates pushing from behind), you can use your hands to get the ball out.

If it's a ruck, where the ball has hit the floor and people are piled on top of it, driving it along with their feet, they can only use their feet to get it out, not their hands.

Tackles - should be below the shoulders. The tackler must roll away if they are off-side (between the ball and the line they are trying to score on). The person who has been tackled must release the ball straight away or they will be penalised for holding on to the ball.

You will often see the fly half (number 10) or full back (number 15) kicking the ball deliberately out. This is to gain ground and is called 'kicking to touch'. There is then a line-out where both teams jump to try to catch the ball and play from it.

Right, I believe I've covered the basics here! If you're watching the game, shout 'knock on!' at varying intervals in a suitable outraged voice to sound authentic *but try to do it when other people are!*

If you really want to know more, buy Rugby Union for Dummies, which is an amazing book! I bought it for my boyf so he could understand my favourite game, and now he knows more than I do!

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would like to, but i'm 53, and i would die of old age before i finished explaining them to you.

What is the difference of rugby and American football?

Rugby union football (often referred to as simply rugby or union) is a full-contact outdoor sport played by teams of 15 players with a prolate spheroid shaped ball. It is one of the two main forms of full-team rugby, the other being rugby league. There is also a quicker seven-a-side sport called rugby sevens, which exists in both rugby union- and rugby league-derived forms.

The game was developed from the rules used to play at Rugby School in England, hence the name. The crucial differences from association football (soccer) are that in rugby the ball is a prolate spheroid instead of a sphere and that the players are allowed to pick the ball up and run with it. The players may kick the ball, and also are allowed to throw the ball from player to player, but unlike American football they may not throw it forward; i.e. the ball must only go backwards or lateral when thrown/passed.

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i had to explain in italian to relations last week... blimey that took some doing, my italian is p**s poor?

One for the Rugby League fans?

Everyone has the general idea.
But no-one's interpretation is agreed by all.

How do i find a woman i met at a rugby match?

Catch the Ball and run like hell to ground it over the line in your opponents half, keep doing that and you'll win the game

Should i Play rugby?

Same as rugby league except a few things:
15 men not 13.There are no flankers in RL.The scrums in union are contested..they are a shambles in league.When you 're tackled in league you are allowed to keep the ball and pass it between your legs to a team union opponents can try to rip it from you. If the ball goes out of the sidelines in union there is a line-out,usually contested but in league this does not happen .There are many minor technical differences too.
Scoring...Try...5 RU..4 RL
conversion 2 RU...2 RL
drop goal 3 RU..1 RL

Both are great games...just different.Better than cissy soccer with diving overpaid prima donnas.

Whats the best way to defend a maul in rugby?

A try is scored when you have your foot in touch by a considerable distance and you also drop the ball at the same time aka Johnny goldenboy Wilkinson. I think the refs make up the rules as they go along.

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As everyone else has said it would take far to long. Your best bet is to go to a few local clubs with someone who knows the game and ask him/her to explain them as you watch the match. Alternatively if you are bored one night, get on the computer and go to the link I have provided. It will give you hours of entetainment. I would also add that most players of the game, and those that watch it, don't know all the rules anyway. The governing body change something every season. I played rugby for nearly 30 years and I still don't know them all.

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