Anyone watchin the ireland vs france rugby?

Question:what ya all think the game?
who you supporting?


Will the All Blacks win the world cup?

Such a pity. I warned the team before that if they miss tackles five yards from their line then the other team will score. France did not win, Ireland give it to them. Simple basic tackling lost them the first try and the second one. This was not the great all Black Joshu Lomu running through them. Ireland need to get back to the important things -Tackling and tackling.If they dont then those players should be removed. They are getting paid the big money. Simple basics. Its ok to lose against a good team but to not bother in the basics is a sad day. I have advised many rugby teams and the difference in everyone getting theitr tackles in everytime increased the teams results by 30%. This means Ireland could have won today .

Do any of you know what is the website or chat room that talks about rugby ?

Nah to be honest I forgot all about it!

Should the players Bring back The Biff?

i dont do rugby cant understand it dont wanna understand it and if u asked me to name players id prob say michael flatley lol! my friends make up for my uninterested view o it though she nearly stalks the players!!! lol

Rule of America football?

I'm an English supporter.It looks to be a tight match...What do you think...

Where can I watch the france versus wales rugby match in dusselldorf?

i support england of course-ooo jonny wilkinson is my god! however my second team is ireland as i am part irish!


Yes I am.We had a very bad start but we are coming into it now...were gonna stuff them.

Help needed to get tickets!ireland vrs italy(rugby) any ideas where to get them at a good price under 200euro?

My husband is watching the game, Ireland just missed the conversion, I'm on the computer!
He is supporting Ireland because he is of Irish ancestry Grandparents :)

When do tickets for the 6 nations 2007 go on sale?

I'm supporting St Helens in the League side of the game! Watch that code and you'll learn how to play the game correctly!

What was the finals system used in the NRL before the McIntyre system any web address for this thanks?

im listeniing on fivelive whist waiting for the Arsenal game, it sounds like a good game, 2 init at halftime, fairplay...

Who is the best player in the world??!?

i was watchin bt half time!! c'mon ireland!! they hav 2 win!! the are deadly!!

Should we clone jonny wilkinson?

yessss i'm watching! i'm from northern ireland so i guess i want ireland to win but i won't mind if the french win cause theyr'e awesome too!


What was the score in the nz / france rugby fixture today?

i love france. i saw them play in connecticuit. it was way fun!
number 18 on the french team is (at least 2 ywars ago,was) sooo cute!

League or union, which do you prefer?

Game's just finished..Ireland 17..France..20...hard luck.

Why the thumbs down?? the score is correct and they were unfortunate not to win??

How would the Rugby World Cup have been decided if Johnny Wilkinsons last minute drop kick had failed?-?

Best game so far of the 6 nations ... sorry boys was rooting for u all the way . commiserations to Ireland and congratulations to France...

Rugby for Girls?

Na, I live in America, but you can bet I'll be rooting for Ireland!

Is the french Rugby team better than ours?

oh woe is me

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