Anyone else think Ireland were robbed in the rugby today?


Italian games?

Definitely! I thought they had 'em beat with only those few minutes left to go.

What are the basic fouls in Rugby?

Heeheehee - NO !

Viva la France.

If miley is reading this emil me please?

HELL YEAH! pure damn luck, froggie. Still we will win the Triple Crown so its ok i suppose

Where can I watch RUGBY on the internet?

nah france played better but i wanted ireland to win!!!! =(

Do you think that England rugby squad will win the word cup?

Yes. Blame the commentator for saying something like.." and to win, the French are going to need to get a try now in the dying minutes..." and sure enough they did.

Does any one know a women's rugby club?

No they were`nt robbed. Both teams played well. Ireland paid for some weak tackling by conceding two tries. Plucky losers though.

How do the Scottish feel the Rugby went today?

It happens,france are a good side.

Ireland did it to san marino in the soccer mid week.

First twenty minutes was the worst i have ever seen ireland play.Once they got used to the surroundings they were a lot better.

Next game at croke park will be different.

I'll be happy if ireland can beat england and england can beat france.

Why did spread rugby union so much as a sport accross California?

too right

Need a SA Rugby Leage national team jersey/merch. Black Rhinos, I believe? Can anyone help me?

Both of France's tries were Ireland's fault because of lax defence, so no.

Record holder for most points scored for scottish rugby football team?

yes **** frogs and that new zeland prick

Does anyone know where i can buy saints v bradford play off game 1999/2000 (its wide to west!!) on dvd ?

Yes, Irish needed more luck! But it's not finished maybe they will be the winners at the end!! ;-)

Does anybody stand a chance of beating NZ in the world cup?

great match,with a lot of tension...
No France were better, and Skrela miss two easy penalties...
Ireland were good, but they were not dangerous enough

When did Great Britain last win the rugby league world cup?

While i was rooting for Ireland thats the way the game goes i am afraid !

Who do you think is the fastest man in world rugby...?

Of course Ireland were Robbed. They played better in the second half then the first I think, They showed more of that famous Fighting Irish spirit, the Irish never give up till the final whistle. The next Game In two weeks should be good. Come on Ireland go for the Triple crown two years in a row! Show the british how Rugby should be played.

World Club Challenge?

they should have won but they let that try in at the last min by stepping off the gas and making a few sloppy mistakes but i still feel the played better overall but it points that count not what people think

Which rugby team do you think i go for?

The missed tackles leading to Clerc's try aren't exactly the mark of a top rugby team. Ireland have begun to believe the ludicrous claims of their supporters and need to come back down to earth. They don't have a front row, O'Connell isn't playing well and O'Callaghan is average anyway. They're playing a back row without the best player in the country (N. Best) and minus O'Driscoll their backline doesn't have much to offer by way of lethal finishing.

Unfortunately for Ireland, I believe this is the best they can do, they are the finished article and won't be getting much better before the world cup. They'll be very lucky to get out of their pool in the Autumn and I expect France and Argentina to qualify from their group.

Where can I find rugby rosters on the internet? with a pic?

I don't think it would have mattered who won the match, the other team would have felt unlucky. Both teams played well overall. Ireland started slow and finally got into the game after the opening half hour and played the better rugby in the 2nd half. France were solid throughout, missed a drop goal don't forget that could have changed everything. I'm dissapointed with the result but thats the way it goes. Hopefully we can use this dissapointment to chalenge the French in the World Cup

Is the former All Black fullback, Christian Cullen, returning to New Zealand?

I'm irish and i thought the match was the best i had ever seen. I love the way the french play rugby, and was very impressed by Ronan O'Gara's performance (he scored all 17 points!) and without the king O'Driscoll(we would have won, if he had been playing).

It was a disappointing match, because i really thought we had won (finally beaten the french), but it was not to be.
Hopefully we will win the triple crown.

Better luck in 2008.

Are Ireland the dark horses for the rugny world cup?

No, fair result.

Why hasnt anyone put a rugby player on the gridiron or vica vica if nuthing else u could have the most punter?

YES! Regardless who wins - I think they are the best team anyway

Who do you think will win the 2007 Rugby world cup?

ha! no! It may be jammy, but VIVE LE FRANCE!!

Which sport do you prefer... RUGBY or AMERICAN FOOTBALL?

I don't believe we were robbed. i think we could have had one or two things go our way but they didn't. Don't get me wrong I am gutted that we lost but that is what we did Ireland Lost as apposed to France Won!

We lost for a number of reasons. The loss of Dricky & Stringer had a huge impact on the game. As a result poor D'Arcy played in position he not used to. Boss didn't play the way Stringer would have ie. he didn't take the penalties available to us from advantage play.

Flannery should have been on from the start. We should Never have taken Jordan off. he was playing great, he is a spectacular player too.

I don't thing O'Connell fronted on the day either. (he ia a great player but..)

France were beating us fairly for the first 20 - 25 mins.. We came back at them & they were not all that good then... We definitely should have won the match but we made too many basic & fundamental mistakes.

I'm sure you won't like my answer but there is no point in blaming everything on other people. Sure, we were in for a try when Jordan Murphy ran from half way.. The ref did blow the whistle too early but he also acknowleged it too. He is human and fucked up. Yes, Marcus was nearly in for another try but a French player pulled his jersey.. Should have been spotted & wasn't... There were also a number of times that Ireland went for a try & lost it due to penalty or turnover.. All these things must be taken into concideration too.

I am still really gutted about the result and more so because of the day that was in it!!

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No you weren't. The French knock on that your player pulled away with the ball from was a knock on by France then THEY re-gathered the ball and the ref correctly blew up at the time. Had he known that the pass would be intercepted he may have played advantage but the laws state he can blow up there and he did.

As for the 'holding' back incident...I refer you to easterby taking Cjeki off the ball during the Wales game m'lud. Do you think Wales were 'robbed' during that match?

Why do the ospreys always get the hard groups in europe?

France, as I have said, are the best team in Europe right now. Ireland were better than I expected, and unfortunatly will beat England. But no, they weren't robbed because despite the try coming late, France were the better side.

Is it written in stone that the hooker in Rugby Union delivers the ball at a line out?

I think they were. For loarge periods in the game they were on top, but just couldn't turn the screw when it was required, then a loss of concentration cost them dearly.

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