Can England win 6 natiions Rugby 2007?

A long as we beat the Scottish, i don't care.


Who will win the 2007 rugby world cup?

If we can win at Cricket we can win all.

Who will win the NCAA rugby championship?


How do I fool the BBC website 2 think I'm in the UK so I can watch the 6 Nations Rugby online while in the USA

Yeah, like Scotland were going to get the wooden spoon,lol

Would someone explain the rules of rugby to me?

They will have to beat the French first,but we can only hope.

Do players from the republic of ireland and northern play for the same side,or do they play for seperate teams

Nah,ireland for the triple crown.

What amateur rugby teams exist in the N.H. seacoast area?


Who is Joost van der Westuizen?

no, I don't think so, I think some of the media attention that is currently been given to Johnny Wilkinson is to try hide the fact the other 14 fellas are a bit shite, Ireland or France will will. Prob France, but hopefully Ireland

Can huddersfield win on sunday in the rugby cup s/f?

No England won't win.
Before the new team, I had them down for 2 wins anyway.
Anything else this team gets will be hard work, but not impossible the way the 6N is panning out.
But to get 3 of the 4, or have France/Ireland really bottle it? Very unlikely.
That Scots Victory was sweet though wasn't it.
I feel for the most of the team, but when the talk gets bloated it's good to give a slap down.
It'll be harder at Murrayfield though. Let's hope by this time next year England has matured. Otherwise it'll be the Scots crowing. And you know how they crow when they beat England.

Which channel in the middle east can i watch rugby?


What would be the best way to meet Jonny Wilkinson? Admiration from afar is not good enough!?

as long as we beat the scottish
err did we not win then? do you not read the papers e.t.c

Can england france will win england are not ready yet but the next six nations will be good with all teams improving including wales.

Me personally,if it was not england i`d like it to be scotland.

Who is replacing Jamie Lyon at Saints RLFC?

no chance, i'm an ireland fan and even we aren't going to win it any more after france beat us yesterday. Ireland will win the Triple Crown, France will win the Grand Slam and Italy will win the Wooden Spoon. England have the Calcutta Cup, so everything is pretty much finished, all the deciding matches are over. Here's how the table will finish:

1. France 10
2. Ireland 8
3. Scotland 4
4. England 4
5. Wales 4
6. Italy 0

What exactly is the difference between rugby league and rugby union. which is the World Cup?

Nope. I was hoping that Eire would win the grand slam, but Merci France that is not possible this year.

England will be playing France and they have no chance, France Play Rugby Beaultifully and are so talented on the picture (espically number 10 ;-) ) England can't win, they just haven't got the strength...

ViVa La France .

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