After england's defeat by the irish in the rugby six nations, how do you rate their chances in winning it...?

and do you think they are capable of retaining the rugby world cup when the tornament kicks off later on this year in france?


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They have as much chance as winning that as they have have of winning the football world cup

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England do not have a chance of retaining the world cup ... South Africa will win that one me thinks ... but thats just my opinion .

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Honestly I was not suprised we lost to the Irish, although the margin was a bit of a surprise. They were the favourites from the start, and although we played well against Scotland in the opening match our second match was average at best. I think it is unlikely we will win the Six Nations and on current form the World Cup is out of reach. Still it was great to see the Italians beat Scotland.

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Its a huge blow and was hoping that Wales were going to pull off a shock in Paris, they were 14-3 up at one point but France have come back strongly.
It looks like its going to be between France and Ireland now. I think England are looking too disjointed to salvage the championship but from their point of view, its all about bonding as a team as preparation for the World Cup now.

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To answer both your questions:England haven't a hope in hell of winning either tournament!!

Ye are completely lacking in any imagination in midfield,there is no width in ye're play even though ye have the players.People can talk and talk about Johnny Wilkinson but the man can't do anything if he doesn't have the ball.Basically ye're f**ked

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the way they played today,
not that much!

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Not a mission! Ireland didnt beat them, they stuffed them. England had no answer to Ireland and really looked as if they didnt know what to do. There was no vision or creativeness from the team. Only Johny Wilkinsons kicking made the score less of an embarassment. I think that this is an unfortunate reflection on England club rugby at the moment because if you sit down and think about it, some of the best players at club level are all foreign. I,m not sure exactly what has gone wrong since 2004 but the RFU have a lot of work to do to get England back on course.

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I assume you are being ironic England suck badly at the moment.

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We have no chance of retaining the cup. NZ and Ireland must be strong favourites. The Irish have to win it this year, as many of their players will retire, similar to England after the last world cup.

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France will walk away with the six nations this year. They are just better than the rest, and more consistant. England's defeat by Ireland today was really no great surprise...Ireland have a strong all round team and England have looked poor recently, and our victory against Scotland has been brought into sharp perspective by Italy's surprise win today.

England's chances of retaining the world cup are very marginal...the current squad is nothing like as good as the one that won it. Odds-on favourites are New Zealand.

I'm a football fan for starters !simple question is ..?

If England win the world cup I'll quit the circus.

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There is always a chance of the French having an amazing collective off-day. If England beat France at HQ it's still possible, technically. As for the world cup there are only one team in it right now in my eyes; New Zealand. They are so much better than everyone else its almost frightning.

By the way, I am English.

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