Have you ever been more proud to be Irish than today?

From the class and respect shown from the crowd during God save the Queen,the passion and emotion in amhran na bhfiann I mean to see John Hayes and Jerry Flannery visibily crying was extremely poignant. The will and desire to win displayed by the Irish was outstanding,the icing on the cake was Horgans gaelic style try AND we even saw Eddie O'Sullivan smile!Historic.. a great day to be Irish.


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That was one of the best games of rugby I've ever seen in my life! A proud day to be Irish & emotional to hear Ireland's Call echo around Croke Park, I'm not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes. But for almost the whole 80 minutes or so, I couldn't keep the smile off my face, try after try. An event that the entire country watched together & the significance of which only a true Irish man or woman can understand.

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I haven't - and I'm Scottish.

Info on rugby?

My ancestors are Irish--does that count?!


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I'm proud to be Irish everyday! Even though I am only half.

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yay-we rock :D

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oh please! you beat us ow well when it comes to the world cup even i can say that england wont win since the all blacks are too good so just becuase you won today dont mean you have a chance in the world cup however it may be i will still stand up and sing god save the queen no matter we win or loose

Australians Only?

A very dignified and proud victory

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I think that respect for the national anthem of any country is to be expected from the people of any country. However what they think of politicians and some of the people of the country should be for individual experience not national history.

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You had a great victory today so well done! Also it was the first time I'd seen Ireland play at home outside Lansdown Road. To be frank that Lansdown road stadium was pretty shabby and wasn't good for Ireland's national image. It should have been knocked down many years ago. Anyway congratulations again. England were defeated today in every aspect of the game.

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This is one day to remember when your Irish!! We have a lot of pride and, im sure you'll agree with me, its a privilage to be Irish

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When I first clicked on this question, I thought you meant in general!! Now I can see you are talking to people who are REALLY Irish----not us half bloods in America.

From this half blood---I am glad you were able to experience such an emotional event today. It really must have been good!

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I am Irish, but I didnt understand what you were saying.

I am guessing soccer, sorry football??

My hubby is a big Celtic fan ( not basketball)

Where do I buy tickets for the Army v Navy Rugby match at twickenham onn 6th May?

I would have preferred Borat singing the Kazakstan National Anthem to be honest. But hey well done!

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I think every day is a proud day to be IRISH, but this evenings performances by the Irish team was brilliant, roll on another triple crown hopefully.....

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Well done for giving the nigels a spanking,boy did you wallop them,big up to the Irish

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I'm an Englishman although my ethnic origin is Indian as my parents were both from Goa. Congratulations Ireland on a memorable victory and for showing forgiveness and grace on what must have been an emotionally charged night. There was a lot written in the press about the political significance of the night. I have many friends with Irish backgrounds and so I have been lucky enough to visit Ireland many times. There is no song quite like the Fields of Athenry and there couldn't have been many dry eyes in Croke Park when that was being echoed around the ground.
It was a poignant and fitting way to honour the victims of what happened in 1920. Fingers crossed that the Irish can get the results they need to win the Five Nations (although I also hope England can recover and maybe sneek the results they need!).

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i'm not irish, but i wanted to say congratulations nonetheless, your boys fought very well and you deserved the victory. have to say i am not usually a massive rugby follower, but the six nations always conjours up a few surprises as well as excitement, alongside the rugby world cup which is taking place later on this year.

because of their success and the publicity over their win against the aussies during the final in australia in 2002, england have been to a large extent arrogant and thus, it is because of that success that it has allowed it to affect them in such a negative way, in terms of their performances- most of which were dire- that they have gone backwards, instead of forward as a unit. the fact that they are so over reliant on jonny wilkinson as the key man, this in itself illustrates the problems england have within the team, sadly. and rugby- like football- isn't a one-man sport and it shouldn't be. this goes to show the rugby world cup win was a one-off and will never be repeated again, well, not in france this year that is and probably not in new zealand either, methinks. i'd predict either south africa- the springboks-, or the all blacks from new zealand will win it. england on the other hand, haven't got a cat in hell's chance

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Today's game was just brilliant. We have grown up as a country and I felt so proud of all the Irish fans and the players who were at Croker today and the repect they showed to the English team and their national anthem. I still have a big smile on my face and will never forget this day, for the great rugby that was played and because of its place in history

Triple Crown?? Grand Slam??

What about Johnny Logan winning Eurovision!

What was the scotlands rugby results frm yesterday?

**** brilliant.

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your right the pride was there from start to finish and they were wonderful although im proud to be irish for many different reasons :)

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History is just that.

I read History and fully recognise the significance of Today's game.

Not withstanding, I congratulate Ireland.

I played the Gentleman's game of Rugby and I have no problem with the fact that England were beaten by a better team.

To all you thumb downers. Pogue Mahone !

Who are going to win the super league grand final tomorrow and by how many points ?

Absolutely! The performance was outstanding, we were the better team all round. I am Irish living in Cork, and this is one of the most emotional days in Irish sporting history.

Lets just hope that we didn't damage the English's pride too much and that they could do us a big favour against France in two weeks time!

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i've always been proud to be Irish but the respect that the fans gave to the England national anthem made me more proud and also the passion that was shown by the Irish players was something i have never seen in my life before. hard luck England,well done Ireland.

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Yes it just brilliant. Im Irish living in england and I just want to share my pride and euphoria with others who can understand the signifance of todays game. Well done Ireland.

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Fiar play to all who went to the match,i`m english and i thought the irish were very welcoming and they were no signs of any trouble or booing of both the anthems.Ok sham we got our * kicked but on the day clearly ireland were a far better team.
congratulations.Lets hope brian 0 driscoll is ok and ready for your next game.

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I am a France fan but she is Irish so I am sooooooooooo happy for her.

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(from America) ALWAYS proud to be Irish! This is so fitting!

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