Anybody knows any Rugby funny slogan please?


Is Donncha O'Callaghan playing in the Ireland vs Australia rugby match in perth in june?

"God invented beer to prevent props from taking over the world"

"Play rugby. Travel the world, meet lots of new, interesting people.... then smash 'em!"

(PS - they're copyrighted, so don't even think about printing them on t-shirts, bumper stickers etc)

The pumas are more six nations for Italy?

To the referee that misses errors - The only blind guy without a guide dog - Ref where┬┤s your guide dog - Great tackle, for a girl -

Is rugby offered in high school in the UK?

John Kirwan, Coach of Italian rugby team said: "I want Italians to play rugby as they drive the car, fearless, aggressive and unpredictable"

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